Postmodern production company restarts its operation in Ukrainian dubbing with the support of USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine.

• 29.08.2022

In June 2022, Postmodern was awarded a grant that allowed us to organize a sound recording studio in Lviv, relocate a part of the company and its equipment, and find local dubbing actors to work with.

Postmodern has over 10 years of experience in film post-production.

“Long story short, we make final versions of the sound and video, create special effects, and also adapt international films in the Ukrainian language. The support for our relocation to the west of Ukraine was critical for saving our business and developing the creative industry of the region,” – comments Maryna Markovych, Postmodern's COO.

Due to the relocation, the company managed to keep almost all of our personnel from the dubbing office and had an opportunity to get new talent on board.

“Today, we have already voiced 5 films completely and 2 series partially, at our office in Lviv. We’ve also managed to continue the collaboration with the clients pending after COVID-19 and find many more.

Our work in Lviv goes on not as fast as in Kyiv, but we are moving steadily forward. Our base of Lviv actors and directors is growing steadily too, and we are happy about it,” – continues Maryna.

With the help of the USAID grant, Postmodern will dub 4 films over the next few months.

“It’s exciting to follow the current creative process. We hope that soon, we’ll achieve a certain level of creative diversity thanks to placing our company in two cities at once,” – tells Kateryna Trubenok, project manager of Postmodern.

After the full-scale Russian aggression on Ukraine, USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine has focused efforts on saving the economic stability of Ukraine and restoring the Ukrainian economy, supporting small businesses that were affected by the war.