We Will Win and Rebuild the Country: FILM.UA presented the Most Recent Showreel at Marché du Film

• 24.05.2022

The Ukrainian war for independence has not begun in February 2022. It has not begun in 2014 either. This struggle lasted for centuries, and it molded Ukrainians into being tough, and loving their homecountry before anything else. There are countless films made about it, some of those are featured in the most recent showreel of FILM.UA studio

Ukrainian history holds many stories of courage and glory, about battles won and lost. Every other generation has to get up and fight, and thanks to Ukrainian artists, their deeds are remembered and sung, and perhaps most vividly in cinema.

Plenty of films, especially after 2014, when russia attacked Ukraine, were created about Ukrainians defending their land and freedom, ever-defient and indomitable. In February 2022, the war came to every home. So once again Ukrainians have taken up arms, each on their own frontline.

Filmmakers have joined the fray on the cultural and information front, creating new audiovisual projects. Since the very first day of the invasion, FILM.UA is actively producing new content. The artist has a mission to show the truth, and it's our duty to tell the truth about the russian invasion to the world film industry. Today, we present the most topical and most recent showreel, inspired by Ukrainian films, created or distributed by the studio.

It was initially released at the Ukrainian Pavilion at Marche du Film film market, which takes place during the 75th Festival de Cannes. The premiere happened thanks to the Ukrainian State Film Agency. Notably, many of the featured films were also created with its support.

“Today, the film industry is one of the loudest voices retelling our history, showing our bravery and character. Now, FILM.UA lives by the motto – content is our weapon. And our new showreel reflects it quite clearly. With this video, we are telling about the crucial thing: Ukrainian indomitability in the struggle for the right to live freely on our land”, – commented CEO FILM.UA Group Victoria Yarmoshchuk. 

New showreel consists of the expressive fragments of Ukrainian films, made and/or distributed by FILM.UA. All these fragments cover a history of Ukrainian resistance, share traditional Ukrainian values, love for Motherland, and the pursuit of a peaceful and happy life. The video includes footage from the films The Raid (2015), The Stronghold (2017), The Rising Hawk (2019), Mr. Jones (2019), U311 Cherkasy (2020), Back to Basics. Wedding (2020), Borsch. The Secret Ingredient (2020), The Best Weekend (2022), Big Picnic (2022), as well as the films that should be released this year: Dovbush, Myrnyi-21, White Raven, and Mavka. The Forest Song.

Watch the showreel here:

The Ukrainian film industry continues to speak about complex events and traumatic pages of Ukrainian history. Today, as centuries ago, we hold up what is true, and the truth will be victorious!

Idea, script: Dmytro Maistrenko

Editing: Oleh Zborovsky, Nazar Zborovsky

DI Supervisor: George Karamanov

Online editor: Serhii Babych

Sound Supervisor: Roman Homeniuk

Sound editing, Sound Design and mixing: Dmytro Synytsia

Re-recording mixing 5.1: Yevhenii Prykashchykov

Postproduction Producer: Kateryna Eroshkina

Postproduction Manager: Mykola Vasylyk

Song: The Kiffness ft. Andriy Khlyvnyuk – Oy u luzi chervona kalyna


Films, used in the showreel: The Raid, The Stronghold, The Rising Hawk, Mr. Jones, U311 Cherkasy, Back to Basics. Wedding, Borsch. The Secret Ingredient, The Best Weekend, Big Picnic, Dovbush, Myrnyi-21, White Raven, Mavka. The Forest Song.