No Time for Crying: FILM.UA Released a Touching Video to the Song Cry by KAZKA Dedicated to Ukrainian Volunteers

• 15.04.2022

Ukrainian lyrics for the song contain the line: “Have cried for a bit and stopped – fewer tears, more action.” And it has a special relevance today.


The first explosions, missiles, sirens – cried for a bit and stopped. The children should be moved to a safe place.

Is this war a reality? People are dying! Cry a bit and stop. The girls are calling to weave camouflage nets.

They are destroying our cities to rubble! Cry a bit and stop. Go to cook food for the soldiers.

For three days, no answer from relatives in the East. Cry for a bit and stop. How can I transport 50 plate-carrier from Poland before tomorrow?

Your classmate has fallen in battle. Cry a bit and stop. Go bring medicine and food to lonely old people.

Every Ukrainian woman feels this way now. These and a thousand other similar thoughts haunt the hearts of Ukrainian women every day.

Hear the song by KAZKA once again. During the war, its lyrics acquired got a new meaning.

Cry has become the song of Ukrainian volunteers, fragile and vulnerable in their feelings but as strong as steel plate when it comes to acting.

Sasha sings for them, the ones who do miracles for all of us now.

Fewer tears, more action!

We thank our brave volunteers for participating in this project, namely: Anastasiia Tyha, Tetiana Ohrimenko, Lubov Unak, Natalia Honchar, Iryna Verenych-Ostrovska, Tetiana Pylypets, Yana Altukhova, Victoria Parkhomenko, Antonina Glazepa, Katya Taylor, Alina Kucheriavenko, Tetiana Ivasenko, Anastasiia Melenevska, and Tetiana Zelenska.

See the video here: 

The video was created on a voluntary basis by:
Director: Oleh Tolmachov;
Producer: Dmytro Kuievda;
Sound director: Stas Nohin;
Friends of our volunteers who did the filming;
Idea: Polina Tolmachova;
Montage and creative input: Anastasiia Lodkina;
Photography: Christopher Occhicone.