The Soundtrack to the Film Felix Austria AKA Maid-In-Law Was Performed by an All-Star Quartet in Support of Ukraine in Warsaw

• 13.04.2022

Ukrainian singers Tina Karol, Julia Sanina (The Hardkiss), Kateryna Pavlenko (Go_A), and DOROFEEVA performed the song Vilna at the charity soccer match between Legia (Warsaw) and Dynamo (Kyiv)

The match between Polish Legia and Ukrainian Dynamo became the first of the charity match series Match For Peace in support of Ukraine. Proceeds from ticket sales and donations will go to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the country.

Before the game, fans and players heard the national anthems of both countries. And after the match, the celebrities sang several hits and classics – Oh, the Red Viburnum in the Meadow, Ukraine is You, SHUM, and Lovers.

The soundtrack to the romantic fantasy film Felix Austria AKA Maid-In-Law was performed afresh by the new quartet of Tina Karol, Yulia Sanina, Kateryna Pavlenko, and Nadiia Dorofeeva. In 2020 this song was recorded by the duet of Tina Karol and the frontwoman of The Hardkiss band Yulia Sanina. For these singers, Vilna was the first collaboration.

There was also an art performance on stage. Nearly 200 women and children, who were temporarily displaced from their homes and took refuge in Poland following the Russian invasion, filled the stage, thus forming the contours of Ukraine. Each of them stood roughly where their home would be on the map. The map was illuminated with the colors of the Ukrainian flag throughout the show.

The event ended with the song  Imagine by John Lennon.