Nerd Agency Has Launched a New Website and Invites Foreign Partners to Cooperate

• 11.04.2022

Nerd Agency, a part of FILM.UA Group, has created a new website with its own team. Its aim is to attract new foreign partners.

Nerd Agency is a licensing agency within FILM.UA Group. It focuses on brand and product placement and integration of characters from IP and celebrities into a brand and product promotion.


Among the titles Nerd Agency is working with are:

  • Animated film Mavka. The Forest Song.

  • Animated series Brave Bunnies;

  • Animated series Robocar Poli;

  • Ukrainian cross-platform folk brand Back to Basics;

  • Animated series Mini Town;

  • Video game Apex Legends, and others.


You can find out more about the key brands on the new website. According to the CEO of the agency Tetiana Ruban, during the war in Ukraine, the site was created solely by the internal team of Nerd Agency, without any outside contractors, designers, or programmers. The work took about 3 weeks.

The purpose of the new site is primarily to attract new foreign partners. That is why the site is in English only. Nevertheless, the agency assures the site will get a Ukrainian version as soon as possible and gradually expand its features.

Today our partners can leave their contact information in the corresponding section of the website, giving their full name, actual e-mail address, phone number, and name of the company, their request will be processed by the managers of the agency in several days. Or address your request to one of the managers' e-mail addresses, which can be found on the website in the Contact Us section.

The link to the updated website of the licensing agency:

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