MIPTV 2022 Goings-on From the Joint Ukrainian Delegation

• 07.04.2022

MIPTV 2022, held in Cannes from April 4-6, gathered all the biggest players in the Ukrainian media industry – FILM.UA Group, 1+1 Media, Ukraine TV Channel, and StarLightMedia. They combined their efforts to represent Ukraine together. The major Ukrainian event was the panel discussion Stand with Ukrainian Media Industry, a part of the forum's official conference program.  FILM.UA Group was represented by the CEO Victoria Yarmoshchuk, MRM director Kateryna Udut, FILM.UA development and co-production director Kateryna Vyshnevska, producer Olena Malkova, and TV and Digital rights sales manager Tatyana Shershneva. We want to share the results of the film market and the work our heroine Troyeshchyna girls did.


The Ukrainian delegation, our colleagues included, has managed to participate in the official opening of the event (for the first time ever), gave dozens of comments and interviews to the International Media, adorned other market participants with Ukrainian merch, received a lot of encouragement and support from international colleagues, and got the first results of content distribution negotiations, all while presenting the success of the Ukrainian media industry and telling about the benefits of cooperation with the Ukrainian media industry. And all of it in just 3 days!

The Ukrainian delegation was prepared by the professional MRM team, headed by Kateryna Udut. Besides preparing speeches, they had time to create Ukrainian-themed merchandise, later presented at the stand: T-shirts with the inscription “Stand with Ukraine,” blue-and-yellow ribbons, and postcards with drawings by Ukrainian artists, in particular the winning image of the UKRPOSHTA contest for the best design for “Russian warship, go f%$k yourself.” Attendees of the film market loved the merch, according to our colleagues – they took many wonderful pictures with it and shared their impressions about it, too.

And the busy market buzz did not pass without a lot of media attention to our booth. A German periodical has published an article with substantial commentaries by Kateryna Udut about developing the mechanism of cooperation with the Ukrainian media companies. And TVBIZZ, a global publication about the TV industry, prepared a special all about Ukraine – UKRAINE: Chronicle of Heroes. On over 30 pages, it features stories about the Ukrainian media industry at war, interviews with its representatives, a description of projects from the Ukrainian stand, a big interview with Victoria Yarmoshchuk, research on Russian propaganda, and much more. It starts with the words “Glory to Ukraine!” motto and a big address from President Vladimir Zelensky. The world's leading cinema magazine Variety also paid attention to the performance of the Ukrainian delegation by writing about the Ukrainian media industry and its presentation at MIPTV. The article stressed that it is vital for the Ukrainian TV industry to draw the world's attention to the country, quoting Viktoria Yarmoshchuk a lot.

There is also good news regarding the distribution of our content to several European countries. Yes, the first deals are already in: the rights in Eskimo Girl were sold to Czech and Slovak VOYO service, Discovery VOD and PAY TV services purchased a package of several feature films and series Dr. Hope fin Poland, and Spanish distributor got the rights to the cartoon The Dragon Spell.

We sincerely thank our international colleagues for their support and look forward to more co-production projects.
Mind you, that important MIPTV 2022 news from the Ukrainian delegation is all gathered neatly here: