Mavka in Flames: An Image Mirroring the Righteous Ukrainian Fury

• 06.04.2022

Creators of the most anticipated animated film Mavka. The Forest Song have shared the exclusive illustrations and sketches of the main character with the fans. Fiery Mavka - a bellicose image of the Forest guardian, created by the team long before the war. But today, it turned out to be more relevant than ever because it mirrors the sentiment of millions of Ukrainians ready to do anything to protect their people and their country.

Ukraine is in flames, and Mavka is in flames too.

According to the creators, they didn't plan to reveal this image of Mavka until the premiere to minimize the spoilers.

“Now, with these drawings, we want to say: yes, our Mavka is a sweet and kind, gentle and sensitive Soul of Primeval Forest, its Guardian. But under threat, at an instant when she needs to protect the forest folk from destruction, she becomes powerful and full of just fiery fury! And this aspect of Mavka brings ruin to any enemy, no matter how cruel or cunning! Almost everyone on our team is a mom or dad, just like most of our adult fans. And our hearts ache with pain and horror because of all the suffering this terrible war has brought to Ukrainian children. To each and every one of us,” – the creative team of the cartoon explained.

In these tough and tragic times, the project team remains committed to their country and their Mavka both. Even in wartime, the animators continue to work on the film, so it could be released to unite us all at the moment of our victory.

We will endure, win, come to the premiere in movie theaters and find out at what point in the story the meek Mavka becomes so bellicose!

We believe that Ukraine has courageous defenders – real guardians; we know that the good always wins and want to teach our children this.

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