Film.UA, 1+1 Media, Animagrad, and Mamahohotala Studios Have Teamed up to Explain to Children What War Is in Simple Terms

• 23.03.2022

On February 22nd, the second episode of the animated series for kids Good Always Wins was released online. It explains in simple words what war is, using the example of relations between the Ukrainian boy Mykola and the Russian boy Ivan.

The creators once again stressed that today, when our courageous servicemen and -women defend the borders and independence of Ukraine, creative industries must hold the information front too. FILM.UA and its colleagues created this cartoon to help adults in explaining to little kids what war is in simple language, without showing violence or brutality.

The second episode of the animated series focuses on Ukrainian refugees who had to abandon their homes because of intense combat. According to the State Border Guard Service, more than 3,500,000 people – predominantly women and children – have left Ukraine since Russia's invasion, while more than 6,000,000 more civilians have become internally displaced.

The main message of the second episode of the animated series – we are not alone. So far, millions of displaced Ukrainians are being helped by people from all over the world – with finances, shelter, and food. Wherever we are, in the West or the East, we are together, and we'll come back home soon.

The parents need to explain to their children why it is important to retain the light in our hearts and to believe that victory is just around the corner.