Сontent has also a very powerful impact globally.

• 06.03.2022

Dear friends! 

In these tough times we are together as we have never been, and content has also a very powerful impact globally. 

Our history is not only ancient, our history is happening right now. Our history is traumatic, full of long suffering, but at the same time it is unbreakable and so much strong-willed. We have been rebuilding it day by day: in our daily lives, in our culture and in our actual existence. Our history is our beauty, our dignity, our power, our respect to the past and our trust in future. Be with Ukraine! 

Several days ago we offered to provide for free the project HERITAGE to be put on air in your tv channels and video services, namely short thematic videos dedicated to the Ukrainian culture and traditions, which the Russian occupants are trying to deny and destroy physically. 

Today we would like to keep our fight against destruction of the Ukrainian culture and render for further broadcasting the full length movie and the projects: 

Wedding HERITAGE which is the prolongation of the project HERITAGE. It describes the wedding traditions in 8 regions of Ukraine: Kharkiv, Kyiv, Cherkasy, Chernyhiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zakarpatia (Transcarpatian), Rivne and Chernivtsi. 

(Link to the movie with the English subtitles and project poster

The documentary “Borscht: the secret ingredient” covers the travel of the most popular Ukrainian Chef Evgen Klopotenko to the different parts of Ukraine in order to find out the unique recipes, discover secret ingredients that make this dish so much distinctive. He would like to clarify which Ukrainian borscht is the real one, what is the most important in its recipe, what differs and what unites the Ukrainians from different regions. 

(Link to the movie with the English subtitles and project poster)

“There will be people: our history” is a special project which speaks up about the most vital things in the difficult and ambiguous history of Ukraine and in the lives of everyone. The videos of this project make one think about the challenges that Ukraine and the Ukrainians of the XX century met, how every Ukrainian was finding own way in those difficult times, what they dreamt of, fought for, defended own truth, how our past is connected with the present. 

(Link to the movie with the English subtitles and project poster

We are providing the rights to broadcast the projects on complimentary basis.