Best Weekend is coming: the creators present a new trailer of the romantic comedy

• 12.01.2022

Four different stories will bring heroes of this story to the capital city: the romantic Hans from Munich, the die-hard tomboys from Kryvyi Rih, the careerist Mira and her restless brother Lesyk from Lviv, and the teenage maximalist Alissa from Odesa. 
 Each of them has their own plans for the weekend, but in fact, in Kyiv, just like anywhere else in the world, everyone is looking for love! 
And it, as a rule, never comes according to plan.
In cinemas from 02 February 2022!


Best Weekend is a comedy that tells 4 different stories: about romantic feelings that arise at the most unexpected moment, about true male friendship, and about family values. All of the characters in the film are united by love, music, festival, and summer. At some point, things will completely go sideways for all of them, but in the end, everyone will find much more than they were looking for... TRAILER.

The comedy is set to be released in cinemas this winter on 02 February 2022, so get ready to dive into summer and adventures!

The Kyiv city will appear on screen atmospheric and inspiring, at times gloomy and downright surly, — in other words, it is as different as the characters in this electrifying comedy. The creators managed to capture stunning views of the capital city (90% of scenes were shot outdoors), and the best moments of the movie were filmed in the midst of the Atlas Weekend 2021 music festival. This is something the Ukrainian audience has never seen before! 

The romantic Hans and Olha, played by Elias Reichert and Daria Petrozhytska, have managed to meet not only a fluffy alpaca and a majestic horse in the very center of the capital city, but also a real female kitty.

The scene with VERKA SERDUCHKA & band was a real challenge for Taras Denysiuk, who plays the restless Lesyk in the film. The young man, who got a part in a big movie for the first time in his acting career, had to improvise during a dialogue with the star, as the scene was filmed during the live performance of the country's favourite performer. What did come out of that? We'll find out very soon — in cinemas.

Alina Cheban, who plays the role of Alissa, had to literally destroy four guitars. Alina tried so hard that she even injured her knee. It did pay off, though — the scene looks spectacular.

Georgiy Khostikoіev, on the other hand, had to become a real rock star for a moment and perform the single live on stage at Atlas Weekend. The lead singer of the band EPOLETS Pavlo Varenytsya joined him on stage for that, who in turn agreed to adapt his song Rock is Dead at the request of the film's director Vlad Klimchuk. By the way, the film will feature more than 10 new Ukrainian hit songs along with the atmospheric movie soundtrack, written by Yevhen Filatov (The Maneken). 

Moreover, without even knowing it, thousands of people rocked to the soundtrack of the film Your Day, performed by alyona alyona, The HARDKISS, Onuka, and Artem Pivovarov, as well as during VERKA SERDUCHKA & band's performance on the main stage of the music festival. The film creators encourage you to go to the cinema, where you might even see yourself on the big screen.

Crazy adventures and romantic stories can happen anywhere in Ukraine — you just need to get out of your house, go beyond your stereotypes. Best Weekend is exactly about that! In all Ukrainian cinemas from 02 February 2022.

Follow the news on the comedy on the film's official social media pages, so you don't miss any bombshells:
This film is being produced with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


A guy from Germany becomes a volunteer at a festival to make the girl organizing this event fall in love with him, but instead he loses the foreign headliner of Atlas Weekend.
The guys from Kryvyi Rih have a legendary stag party, but argue like children and fight like adults.
A young girl from Odesa is looking for her rocker father she hasn't seen and idealized for a long 10 years.
A career-oriented girl from Lviv arrives for the most important job interview of her life, but her younger brother disrupts absolutely all her plans.
This will be the craziest trip for our characters and their Best Weekend!


Slogan: How can I not love them?

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Date of release: 02.02.2022

Genre: comedy

Running time: 95 mins

Production companies: FILM UA Group and Your Best Festival LLC, with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency

Distribution: FILM.UA Distribution, Kinomania 

Cast: Daria Petrozhytska, Elias Reichert, Jörg Berchtold, Ada Rogovtseva, Irma Vitovska, Alina Cheban, Bogdan Osadchuk, Georgiy Khostikoіev, Nataliia Babenko, Taras Denysiuk, Maksym Devizorov, Oleksandr Rudynskyi, Maksym Kyrychenko, Valerii Morozov 

Star cameos: VERKA SERDUCHKA & band, alyona alyona, The HARDKISS, Onuka, Artem Pivovarov, Oleksii Durniev

Director: Vlad Klimchuk

Screenwriter and Creative Producer: Anastasia Lodkina

Producers: Anna Eliseeva, Dmytro Sydorenko

Executive Producer: Andriy Ryzvanіuk

Associate ProducerOleksandra Melnyk