Crazy Wedding 3 is the highest-grossing Ukrainian film of 2021

• 30.12.2021

The final part of the Crazy Wedding trilogy has become the highest grossing Ukrainian film of 2021: even COVID-19 restrictions, which stipulated 50% occupancy of cinema theatres, could not prevent it.
Crazy Wedding 3 has grossed 28,983,764 UAH at the domestic box office.

Crazy Wedding is the only Ukrainian film trilogy, which was also a commercial success. Thus, the first part collected 54,918,928 UAH at the box office, the second part 41,273,985 UAH, and the third part 28,983,764 UAH. Hundreds of Ukrainians watched these three films in cinemas with the total number of tickets sold amounting to 745,000 and the box-office total reached 125 million UAH.



Crazy Wedding 1 became the highest-grossing Ukrainian film of 2018 and ranked 11th among all films released in 2018 (including Hollywood blockbusters), and Crazy Wedding 2 became the highest-grossing Ukrainian film of 2020. All three parts of the trilogy are in the top 10 of Ukrainian films in terms of box office grosses in the last six years, coming in 2nd, 4th, and 8th respectively in the nationwide film rankings.

The TV ratings of the first two parts of the film trilogy were also record high, having been aired repeatedly in prime time on 1+1 TV channel. Crazy Wedding (premiered on TV in January 2019) became the highest-rated film on TV since 2009 (and is still holding that status) with a 29,19% TV viewing share among the audiences of 18-54 (cities with populations of 50,000 or more). The TV premiere of the second part of the film trilogy in 2020 has collected a share of 23,08% in the same audience group, becoming not only No. 1 film on Ukrainian TV in the Easter holidays, but also the highest-rated feature film of 2020 among all Ukrainian TV channels. The third and final part is scheduled to premiere on 1 January 2022 at 22:30 on 1+1 TV channel and will be the first film premiere of the new year 2022.

Another proof of the success of this film trilogy are digital indicators: on YouTube, the first two parts have already been viewed by 15,417,967 users, and this figure is constantly increasing, especially due to the fact that all the films are streaming on the main domestic VOD platforms. 

The Crazy Wedding universe became so popular that the rights to realise a local version were sold to Lithuania and a little later to Romania. The Lithuanian version of Crazy Wedding grossed 776,939 USD at the box office, cementing the success of the film franchise on the international stage. In addition, the theatrical release of the 1st and 2nd parts of the film trilogy took place in at least 10 countries worldwide, including Australia, Poland, the Czech Republic, the USA, Canada, China, and countries in Latin America.

The creators did not stop there, and this spring they announced the continuation of the story of the Serediuks, Kryzhanivski, Aubameyang, and Kardashian families: FILM.UA Group and Prototype Production filmed a 24-episode original series Crazy Neighbours for Kyivstar TV and 1+1. They promise it will be just as fun and crazy. 


What new records shall we expect from the creators? We will find out in spring 2022!