Ukrainian Period Drama kicks off in Poland: The air of the Third Season of the Hit Period Drama Love In Chains starts on Christmas Eve

• 21.12.2021

The new season of Love In Chains, a joint project of Ukrainian FILM.UA Group and StarLightMedia and Polish TVP, has been anticipated by international viewers. And finally, the creators of the incredibly successful period drama announced the launch of the 3rd season on Polish television.


The Christmas season is the best to get together, to share family warmth and cheer; it is also a prime time for television. And the third season of Love In Chains, set in the gorgeous Romantic age, with splendid fashion, colorful characters, intrigue, mystery, heart-wrenching drama, and above all, a life-affirming message of Love that perseveres against all odds – is just the show to see this Christmas. It has a little bit for everyone and is likely to rivet whole families down near their TVs.

That’s why Love In Chains 3 will begin airing in Poland on Christmas Eve on December 24th, during prime time at 20:15 on TVP1. This was just announced by FILM.UA Distribution.

“Christmas is a very special holiday for both Poles and Ukrainians – it is the most important family holiday of the entire year. That’s why it is a great honor and responsibility to bring a little more fun and excitement by premiering our show in Poland at this very time. We hope that this installment in the story of Kateryna will excel the expectations of our devoted Polish fans and bring out many gasps and cheers. We wish all of our Polish viewers a merry Christmas and happy holidays!” – said Igor Storchak, CEO FILM.UA Distribution.

In November, the costume drama premiered on Ukrainian TV, on STB channel. It has achieved noteworthy results. According to Nielsen company's analytics, the series was a rousing success with a commercial audience 18-54 (50+) and became the best Ukrainian TV series of this autumn. 

Tala Prystajetska, series showrunner, comments: “The launch of Love in Chains 3 in Poland is an exciting and important moment for us. Firstly, the extent to which the Polish audience has fallen in love with our characters makes us feel a tremendous responsibility for everything that is going to happen to them in the third season. And secondly, just imagine how our Polish viewers are going to see the continuation of Katya's story at the warmest and brightest time of the year – during the Christmas holidays! One couldn't dream of a better fortune for the project, of course, but at the same time, it instills even more responsibility. Reaching such heights takes my breath away. The next chapter in Katerina Verbitska story turned out to be surprising, tense, and passionate. I believe that the palette of emotions that's in store for the viewers of this season will not leave anyone indifferent. It is time to finally reveal the secrets that were long and carefully hidden. Everyone must pay a price for what they have done.”

In 2019, the first two seasons of period drama has attracted over 3.36 million viewers in Poland, breaking several Polish viewership records. Let’s wait and see if the series about an ever-persevering love will win over the hearts of Polish viewers once again.

After the stunning success of the first 2 seasons of "Zniewolona" Telewizja Polska S.A. had no hesitation in continuing to work with the producers of the series on seasons 3 and 4. This time, at the stage of pre-production, we were able to discuss and collectively determine aspects related to scripts and artistic values, hence we are convinced that such an experienced producer as FILM.UA Group and StarLightMedia has maintained the level of previous seasons in seasons 3 and 4.
The importance of this programming position for TelewizjaPolska S.A. is evidenced by the fact that the premiere broadcast of new episodes of the series "Zniewolona" is scheduled to start in strict prime-time during Christmas season, which means that Telewizja Polska S.A. strongly believes in repeating the success of 2019, when “Zniewolona” was introduced to the Polish audience for the first time.” 
- said Maciej Muzyczuk - Deputy Director for Programme and Acquisition, Programming Department, TVP.

And Poland is just the start for Love In Chains 3. More than 30 territories around the world, including Japan, Spain, South Korea, the United States, and Latin America, have already purchased the rights in the show. So, more exciting news from all around the world is sure to follow.


Just a reminder: in 2019, after the grandiose success on air of STB channel (Ukraine) and on TVP1 (Poland) Love in Chains keeps conquering the international market. Then the series was seen in Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. The broadcasting rights were sold to Japan (A.K Company), the Czech Republic (Prima TV), Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria (BNT), Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Latin American and Balkan countries. The series has been sold to Spain, and it became the first Ukrainian multi-episode drama acquired by a Spanish TV channel; the premiere took place on Divinity. And the viewers in North America can now watch Love in Chains on Amazon Prime.



This day should have been the happiest in the life of Katya Verbytska, who used to be a serf of the Chervinsky family. She finally obtained the freedom she had suffered for so much and was supposed to get married to Andriy Zhadan, the best man she’s ever known. But hardly did the church choir sing a hymn over their heads when a stranger stabbed Andrey in the chest and transformed the coveted happiness into pure nightmare…  

Which demons from the past appeared to reap vengeance on everybody’s favorite? What were his sins? Which terrible secrets had Andrey kept for 10 years, and why Katya will now have to pay for it all?  

Still, trials are in stock, not only for Katya. Natalie Doroshenko dreamed so much of peace and calm in the holy convent. But you can’t hide from yourself, even behind the highest walls…

A son who committed suicide, a mansion now in somebody else’s hands – humility has never been Petro Chervinsky’s virtue, and now when everything he used to cherish is ruined, can at least something hold off the withering power of his anger?

It seemed that nothing could mar the happiness of Nicolas Doroshenko and Elena Koreneva… But what to do if the public sees you as adulterers who reject all moral values?

Pavlina the cook is used to being happy for others and does not hope that fate will turn towards her. But does love choose when to come? And does it always ask for moderate payment?