Your baby's first movie adventure is Ukrainian cartoons in Multiplex

• 16.12.2021

The modern, kind and educative Ukrainian cartoons exist. The national film experts have joined their forces to find, collect and show the best Ukrainian cartoons for kids in one place and at a convenient time - in the Multiplex cinemas chain from January 13, 2022. It's so easy to have a real family holiday now! 

A film company FILM.UA Groupa Multiplex cinemas chain, Ukrainian independent animation studios, supported by the Ukrainian State Film Agency present a common project - Cartoons in the cinema. Ukrainian for kids. 

The heroes of the popular Ukrainian cartoons BRAVE BUNNIES, 210 Good Deeds, Small Town and Pershosvit will meet for the first time on the big screen. All the projects are developed by Ukrainian studios, and cartoon characters communicate with each other only in Ukrainian. 

You may get acquainted with the characters and cartoons in the first trailer of the project by using this link: 

Monthly movie showings for kids -  are exclusively available in each Multiplex of the country. The showing of the first release starts on the 13 of January and will last all week. The offer is limited, so book your tickets in advance.  

The movie showings are aimed at children from the age of 1 year, who traditionally do not visit the cinemas due to age restrictions. The team of the project Cartoons in the cinema. Ukrainian for kidstook into account all the features of kids to create the best conditions for the most demanding viewers: 

- A soft light in the hall that will not rankle during the whole showing;  
- Quiet sound that will work at 50% the of normal power;  
- The duration of one movie showing does not exceed 30 minutes;  
- Each showing combines episodes from different cartoons so that young viewers do not get bored;  
 A new collection is launched in cinemas every month, which develops the history of the previous cartoons and each time teaches kids something new; 
  - The screenings skip the children`s daytime sleep and are showed twice a day - at 11:00 and at 17:00. 

The tickets at special rates will be available in the near future at the box office of the Multiplex cinemas chain. 

The initiators of the project Cartoons in the cinema. Ukrainian for kids a film company FILM.UA Group and a Multiplex cinemas chain. This is not the first collaboration of the industry leaders that aimed at promoting the national filmmakers and the Ukrainian content of high quality. Then the participants of the project became:  
- The Ukrainian creative production Glowberry 
- the producer group Unimage 
-the animation studio Good Deeds animation; 
the first Ukrainian animation channel for children Pershosvit. 

According to the participants, the main goal of the project Cartoons in the cinema. Ukrainian for kids is the development of the Ukrainian market of children's animation and the influence on the formation of the Ukrainian audience from an early age. According to the authors, cultivating a love for Ukrainian cartoons from preschool age can influence the interest and loyalty to the national product in a more global context in the future. And the cartoon's co-watching on the big screen every month can become a good family tradition and help to strengthen the intra-family ties. 

The showing of the Cartoons in the cinema Ukrainian for kids will last all year round. The premiere of the first cartoon collection is planned for the 13 of January, the release will last a week.  


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The synopsis 

The Cartoons in the cinema. Ukrainian for kids is a movie trip for the youngest viewers. The heroes of the popular Ukrainian cartoons: the restless brave bunnies, a happy family from the 210 Good Deeds, the pink bears from the Small Town, and kids of the Pershosvit will meet for the first time on the big screen. All together, they will go on the exciting adventures. 


A joint project of FILM.UA Group and the Multiplex cinema with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency  

The content makers are Glowberry, Good Deeds Animation, UnimagePershosvit. 

Official media partner: PLUSPLUS TV channel.