#skewersup: creators of the family comedy The Big Picnic present a teaser trailer and wait everyone in cinemas on the 24th of February 2022!

• 29.11.2021

FILM.UA Group and Ukraina TV Channel present a teaser trailer of the first spring 2022 comedy. What can turn a seemingly regular gateway into the BIG PICNIC?
Watch the teaser trailer and get prepared for movie in the cinemas — welcome spring uplifted!

As The Big Picnic begins, so #skewersup! Meet your favourite stars - Olena Kravets and Yuriy Tkach -  in the leading roles on the big screen for the first time along with surprising cameos of well-known Ukrainian footballers and artists whose tracks are playing around almost at every Ukrainian tableful. Who's gonna amaze the viewers and what's gonna happen to the characters of the family comedy? 

Play the TEASER TRAILER and get in the centre of occasions. Raia! Tolia! Zhenia! Denys! Yaroslav! Mariana! 
And even “rabbit”! It's getting really tough! 

The Nalyvaychenkos - a local entrepreneurial family - have set themselves for a full-fledged nature gateway, taking a great deal of yummies, liqueur specialties and essential attributes of a family pastime - take that inflatable flamingo which dad Tolia (Yuriy Tkach) likes so much. Flamboyant Raia (Iryna Hatun) also cannot sit still, keeping an eye on her children — teenage fashionmonger, influencer Mariana (Veronika Lukyanenko), and little fidget Denyska (Aleks Berezovskyi— who knows what they are up to this time.

However, the Drahomanovys break in the family paradise, choosing the same grassplot. Frankly speaking, reserved art history teacher Tania (Olena Kravets), her spouse - chef d'orchestre Yevhen (Andriy Isayenko), young environmental activist Liza (Margo Krupina-Binkovska) and avowed Shakhtar FC fan Yaroslav (Illya Paladin) view their leisure somewhat differently  — they prefer outdoor and sports activities.

Nevertheless, two absolutely different by standpoint families are not the only ones to get interested in this grassplot. In the immediate vicinity, local bribe-taker Stepan Khomiak (Mykhaylo Zhonin) and his helper Hena (Oleksiy Zavhorodniy) are hiding out to come up with something.

Seems all the ingredients of a "hot acquaintance" are in, but... hold on, there is somebody missing. 

When nobody was expecting, captain of Ukraine's national football team, Andriy Pyatov, and Shakhtar FC fullback Yevhen Konoplyanka appear (spoiler: they will not only be playing football).

How about now? Is everybody in? What else is gonna happen? Who will turn this already unusual picnic into the BIG one? Who else but sparky VERKA SERDUCHKA and her mom? When they appear, the characters' life won't be the same (just another spoiler, but we'll talk about it later).

The Big Picnic coming to the big screen on the 24th of February 2022!



The comedy plot unfolds around two totally different families: the Dragomanov working in culture and the Nalyvaychenko who are local businessmen. On a spring weekend they decide to go for a traditional open-air barbecue and by virtue of destiny arrive at the same clearing each family considers “theirs”. A quarrel starts between them, quickly transforming into a grotesque war for a barbecue spot. Unexpectedly, a third claimant for the territory arrives; this is a bribetaker on the run who hid his money in this same clearing and takes the youngest children from both families hostage, demanding to give back the money that disappeared from the hideout.

Tricks, frameups and oppositions, adventures, unexpected guests and crazy money, different views not only on barbecue marinade recipes but also on the “right ways to live”. This is a story telling us that no matter how different we are and how much we quarrel, we are always a united powerful force in the face of a common threat.

This film is supported by the Ukrainian State Film Agency.

You can follow project news on its official pages on Facebook and Instagram.


Title: The Big Picnic
The first joint project of industry leaders, Ukraina TV channel and FILM.UA Group
Slogan: Skewers up!
Release date: 24 February 2022
Genre: comedy
Timing: 90 mins
Production: FILM.UA Production
Distributors: Kinomania and FILM.UA Distribution
Director: Oleg Zborovsky
Screenwriters: Artur Lerman, Vyacheslav Ostrovtsev, Garik Bircha
Producers: Iryna Kostyuk, Viktoria Korogod, Nadia Korotushka, Natalya Strybuk
Cast: Yuriy Tkach (Tolya Nalyvaychenko), Olena Kravets (Tetyana Dragomanova), Andriy Isayenko (YevhenDragomanov), Iryna Hatun (Raya Nalyvaychenko), Mykhaylo Zhonin (Stepan Khomyak), Oleksiy Zavgorodniy/Positiff(Hena), Illya Paladin (Yaroslav Dragomanov), Margo Krupina-Binkovska (Liza Dragomanova), Veronika Lukyanenko(Maryana Nalyvaychenko), Alex Berezovsky (Denyska Nalyvaychenko), Valeriy Shvets (Valeryanych), VladyslavPysarenko (Hrysha).
Cameo: VERKA SERDUCHKA and mom, Andrii Pyatov, Yevhen Konoplyanka