Love in chains 3 The best autumn series on Ukrainian TV!

• 23.11.2021

The screening of the costume drama Love in chains 3 which premiere was on STB TV channel from November 1 to 18, showed great results.


For three weeks, the series held slot leadership for the main commercial audience 18–54 (50+). Moreover, Love in Chains3 has become the best autumn series on Ukrainian TV for the same commercial audience. 

The average coverage of one episode was 1.9 million, and the whole series was watched by 9.3 million TV viewers in Ukraine.

The series share is 30% higher than the average daily share of STB TV channel and also 37% higher than the slot share where Love in Chains 3 was presented on STB TV channel for the period of January-October 2021 (audience 18–54 (50+). The maximum share of one episode reached 13.6%!

The average project rating and shares are as follows:

18–54 (50+) 3.1% and 10.7%, 18–54 (Ukr) 2.8% and 9.2%, 18+ (50+) 3.8% and 10.2%, 18+ (Ukr) 3.5% and 9.2%, 14–49 (50+) 2.7% and 10.5%, 14–49 (Ukr) 2.6% and 9.6%. 

It is already clear that the project has become a favorite series of Ukrainian audiences!

We congratulate the Love in Chains crew and everyone who was engaged in this costume drama creation on success and high ratings!

(* Analytics compiled on the basis of TOP TV programs. According to Nielsen).


Director: Felix Gerchikov

Producer: Viktor Mirsky, Lyudmila Semchuk

Creative producer: Tala Prystayetska

Executive producer: Natalya Nikiforova, Andriy Ryzvanyuk

Director of photography: Sergiy Revutsky

Scriptwriter: Olga Krzhechevska, Tala Prystayetska, Olena Kosenko, Alisa Lindeman

Cast: Stanislav Boklan, Natalka Denysenko, Sonya Priss, Anna Sahaydachna, Mark Drobot, Taras Tsymbaluk, Olesya Zhurakivska, Viktor Zhdanov, Maksym Radugin, Sergiy Strelnikov, Fedir Lavrov, Alina Kovalenko, and others.