Salute the fourth season of Love in Chains!

• 19.11.2021

Yesterday the STB TV channel audience was the first to watch the final episodes of the third season of the legendary costume drama Love in Chains 3. For three weeks, 11.2 million Ukrainians (coverage of premiere episodes and reruns for the audience 4+, whole Ukraine) followed the incredible love story and along with Katya tried to unveil the secrets from the main characters' past. 


Love in chains 3 has become a leader in the slot for two audiences at once: commercial 18–54 (rating 3.08%, share 10.74%) and “women 18–54” (rating 4.79%, share 14.8%); and also was second for the audience “women 35–44” (rating 3.71%, share 10.32%). 

And while Ukrainians are actively discussing an unexpected final, STB TV channel and FILM.UA Group announce: this is not the end! Salute the next season of Love in Chains. Quite soon we will witness the launch of a new story, a new struggle for love, and all secrets unveiled. 

The filming of the fourth season of Love in Chains is at full speed. The premiere is planned on STB TV channel in 2022.

Love in Chains-4 teaser is available at:


Love in Chains is the first and only Ukrainian costume drama to conquer millions of hearts around the world. Fans from 50 countries watch this true love story. The unique project made viewers have a glance at the times of serfs and lords, balls and social events, technological progress, enormous social differences – the background where the main characters were fighting for their right to be free, to love, and to live their way. 

For three seasons, fans of the Love in Chains series have lived through the stories of their favorite characters. The fourth season of the legendary drama will present its audience with the continuation of events involving the already well-known names: Zhadan, Yablonevsky, Chervinsky, Kosach, Doroshenko, and others. The project creators have not yet revealed the storyline, the full cast, and the secrets of the upcoming premiere. However, it is known that events will take place 23 years after the final of the third season, and the children of the main characters will be in the limelight. Among the actors, we will see Taras Tsymbalyuk, Stanislav Boklan, Sergei Strelnikov.


Director: Aleksey Esakov

Scriptwriter:   Olga Krzhechevska, Anna Garshina, Olena Kosenko, Alisa Lindeman, Tala Prystayetska.

Director of photography: Artem Vasiliev

Producer: Viktor Mirsky, Lyudmila Semchuk

Creative producer: Tala Prystayetska

Executive producer: Natalya Nikiforova, Andriy Ryzvanyuk


Just a reminder: after the grandiose success on air of STB channel Love in Chains keeps conquering the international market. In July 2019, the series had incredible success on TVP1 (Poland). The Polish audience discussed the project along with The Game of Thrones and is now expecting a sequel. Then the series was seen in Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. The broadcasting rights were sold to Japan (A.K Company), the Czech Republic (Prima TV), Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria (BNT), Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Latin American and Balkan countries. This summer the series has been sold to Spain, and it became the first Ukrainian multi-episode drama acquired by a Spanish TV channel; the premiere took place on Divinity. And the viewers in North America can now watch Love in Chains on Amazon Prime.