Love in Chains 3 TOP 10 incredible facts about about the third season of costumed melodrama

• 12.11.2021

What will happen to Kateryna, if Zhadan is alive, how the destinies of Petro, Natalie and other favorite characters will unfold, what we’ll see in new episodes. For now, here is a list of ten fun facts about Love in Chains 3: its characters, locations, costumes, makeup and acting superstitions...  


Hairdos and makeup
On average, makeup artists spent between 40 minutes and one hour on a character. To speed up the process, two persons worked on one actor. For mass scenes with the wedding and balls, makeup artists started their work four hours before the start of shooting; sometimes they had to begin at 5 AM.  

Costumes from the Czech Republic
To dress all Love in Chains characters, including extras, we had to rent over 250 clothing sets including shoes, muffs, hats, handbags, dresses, frocks, coats, capes, and cloaks. Additionally, some clothing items were rented separately. The outfits were provided by Barrandov (Czech Republic) and Dovzhenko (Ukraine) film studios.  


In this season, the hospital will become a major venue. Three main characters will be fighting for their lives there, and for somebody this battle will turn out to be the last…  

Spoiler alert! Kateryna the protagonist will decide to become a doctor and will even be accepted into a study program. But where that is, whether she will be able to complete her education and apply her knowledge in practice – all this remains a secret for now. 

Kyiv onscreen
The third season is mostly set in Kyiv, sometimes in Chernihiv, unlike two previous seasons with mansions and country estates as the main locations.

While in seasons one and two landlords and serfs were featured as characters, season three will show nobility and bourgeois.  


Props and real objects
In the rooms of some characters you can see antique books. In reality, all of them are props made specially for filming because real tomes of the 19th century are very old (and valuable).  

Some furniture items – drawers, wardrobes, or tables – were made for filming and some rented or bought. For example, the office of a main character features an antique oak table with the actual value of 3,000 EUR! This object was rented and used as carefully as possible.

One of the season’s dramatic scenes was filmed at an improvised cemetery; its gravestones were also props.  


Exclusive outfits
On average, over 60 exclusive outfits were made for female lead characters; for male characters, the number is about 20. At first the art designers drew sketches; then they discussed details and chose fabrics; afterwards it was time for cutting, sewing and decorating. For some dresses the work took over a month.  

Makeup champions
The most challenging female character in terms of makeup was Nastya (played by Kateryna Varchenko) who has had a difficult life. In the course of the plot, she becomes an alcoholic and falls ill; her body becomes covered in ulcers. In total, her makeup took up to one and a half hours.  

The makeup champion among men, just like in the first two seasons, was Nazar (played by Taras Tsymbalyuk). A lot of time was spent on Stefan Yablonevsky (played by Sergiy Strelnikov) to arrange his hair and beard.   

Miles of textile
To create outfits for female leads, 120 to 165 meters of fabric were used. Plus all central leads have outfits embroidered by hand, decorated with gems, pearls, and beads. One dress with a corset and a crinoline weighs about 10 kilos; with a train, it becomes even heavier.

Whole world in pavilions
70% of living-rooms were constructed in FILM.UA pavilions: offices of main characters, halls, hotels, some interiors of Chervinka mansion and even cells of Chernihiv content. The brothel (Madam Makarova’s music salon) with a big hall, impressive decorations and rooms on the second floor was also planned by the project’s art designers and constructed in the pavilion. The work went on in two pavilions simultaneously: when one was occupied for interior construction, the other was used for filming.   


Actors and their characters
For the first seasons, all actresses learned to dance. They also had to master the art of wearing corsets, and if at first it was hard to walk around in tight dresses, it became easier by the day. Still, the actresses confess that they have to keep their backs straight when wearing corsets, and this is a challenge.

For the second season Alina Kovalenko took horseback riding lessons and learned to fight: her character Olga will have to protect herself. Taras Tsymbalyuk took lessons of blacksmith craft. Maria Mashkova learned an outstanding dance created by choreographers. 


Acting superstitions
Some actors had to be filmed in a coffin, which is emotionally challenging. According to a long-standing acting tradition, during such scenes a bottle of alcohol is put into the coffin, and after the end of shift the groups drinks it to the health of the actor who had to play the deceased. During the filming of the third season the actors recalled this tradition but for now let it remain a secret who they toasted to.