The Crazy Neighbours: not by weddings alone. The creators have presented a poster of the comedy series based on the most successful Ukrainian film trilogy

• 08.11.2021

FILM.UA Group and Prototype Production are working on the continuation of the "crazy" universe. The first Original comedy series for the Kyivstar TV Online Platform is going to be released already this spring. Later, The Crazy Neighbours will be available on the 1+1 TV channel. And meanwhile lets take a look at the poster to refresh memory about our favorite characters and learn more about new ones. 

During 24 episodes, viewers will watch the development of family relationships of the Serediuks, the Kryzhanivski, the Kardashians, and the Obomeianhs families. What changes are waiting for the characters? Let's take a quick look at what is going on in Yablunivka. 

Finally, everything is calm in the Serediuks family as a series of loud weddings is over and the annoying neighbor Taras dashed out of sight, unable to withstand the oppression of his temperamental family. So, Vasyl (Nazar Zadniprovsky) and Halyna (Lesya Samaeva) can finally spend more time with each other. And, perhaps, harmony would continue to prevail in this story, if the neighbor Oksana (Vira Kobzar) haven't brought a new husband from a resort. It turns out that this is Taras Blashchykovskyi (Vitaliy Ivanchenko), an ex-classmate of Vasyl Serediuk, who used to bully Vasyl when they were at school. So let the new struggle begin! 

Another family we are going to see is a young couple the Obomeianhs. The younger Serediuk's daughter Katia (Polina Vasilina) is pregnant. Her French husband Francois (Jimmy Vokha-Vokha) gets a job in a local hospital for the time of holidays in Yablunivka as he is a surgeon by training, so now he will try his best to bring Ukrainian medicine to a new level. However, the innovativeness of the foreign specialist is quite annoying to the chief physician Ivan Mykhailovych Buravchyk (Volodymyr Mykolaienko), whose corrupt plans are simply melting away. 

Restless businessmen Olka (Inna Prykhodko), Ashot (Aram Arzumanyan), and their daughter Gayane (Kira Saiapina) are restless as always: the expressive Kardashians family, whose relationships are still quite spicy, deploys the "total economic war" operation against the business competitor.

"We came up with an idea to continue the "Crazy Wedding" universe during the filming of the movie trilogy. Nobody wanted to put an end to theadventure marathon. That is why we went further and created a comedy series. And only after the wedding does all the fun begun. I can assure you that all will be fun and crazy as well,said Mykola Kutsyk, author of the idea of the series.

The favorite of the crazy film trilogy is the colorful head of the local community center Nazariy Zapukhliak (Yuriy Gorbunov) will appear on the screen even more often, as he prepares a lot of surprises for the fans. What sort of? We will find out already this spring.

"My character, the master of ceremonies Nazariy Zapukhliak, is a holiday himself, the embodiment of the original traditions of the host of a real Ukrainian feast". It's cool that he will now appear in the series, and I hope that I had managed to reveal him in a new way for the audience. Even more jokes, shocking adventures and unexpected plot twists in the Crazy Neighbours comedy series," said author of the idea and actor of the series Yuriy Gorbunov

Viewers will also see newlyweds Zakhar Serediuk (Viacheslav Khostikoiev) and Rada (Kateryna Fain) with the Roma relatives. You can't do without an unpredictable librarian Uliana (Kateryna Rubashkina) and a charismatic father Yevlampiy ( Potap), there also will be a new character — a colonel Kulibaba (Dmytro Surzhykov), who will desperately try to calm down the "crazy" neighbours.

The series is created with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency and the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine.

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Producers of the series: Irina Kostiuk (FILM.UA Group), Nadiya Korotushka (FILM.UA Group).
Project director: Oleg Borshchevskyi. 
Camera operator: Maksym Baiev. 
Created by: Yuriy Gorbunov and Mykola Kutsyk. 
Scriptwriters: Mykola Kutsyk, Yaroslav Sten, Bohdan Hatsyliak, Kyrylo Tymchenko. 
Creative producer: Mykola Kutsyk. 
Creative group: Yaroslav Sten, Bohdan Hatsyliak, Kyrylo Tymchenko.