Spirit of Christmas, original jokes and hot celebs of Ukrainian showbiz: let`s see the most anticipated trailer to Celeb Exchange, #firstcomedyoftheyear

• 04.11.2021

The loudest comedy rushes into gray autumn routine. The authors of family comedy Celeb Exchange presented an official trailer with lots of celebs, jokes and Christmas mood.

Good emotions and festive spirit are just what you need to start the new year, so scheduled for the 1 January 2022 — the day of the film premiere. And now let`s watch the trailer and mark “going to the cinema to see a family comedy”.

According to the plot, bitter rivals on the stage, the show-business stars Polya Molyakovs (actress Olya Polyakova) and Foma Mikhailovsky (actor Mykhaylo Khoma, DZIDZIO), unexpectedly finding themselves in each other's bodies, try to return their lives back, but to achieve their goal, they will have to solve opponent's family and romantic problems.

Celeb Exchange protagonist, Polya Malyakova, aspires for popularity and sacrifices family relations: she rarely sees her children and keeps hearing her husband’s criticism that she doesn’t have enough free time. But in one moment she loses what she has been moving towards for such a long time, the main award of the year, which, much to pop diva’s surprise, lands in the hands of Polya’s long-standing rival, Foma Mykhaylovsky. And this is just the beginning of celeb clash, as the following morning they will wake up in each other’s bodies. But will celeb rivals manage to put everything in place and find their interpretation of happiness? 

This film aims to show how often we neglect family relationships for the sake of achiving own goals. Though Celeb Exchange is not just about opposition and constant quarrels but also about Christmas miracle uniting everyone and creating the unforgettable ambience of festivity and coziness. So I sincerely advise you to watch the trailer and plan a cinema night in January 2022 for the whole family”, says 
Egor Olesov, Celeb Exchange producer.

The film was made in cooperation with KINOROB (a part of FILM.UA Group) and Secret Service Enternteinment with the support of Ukrainian State Film Agency.


Genre: family Christmas comedy
Timing: 90 mins
Release date: January 1, 2022
Slogan: first comedy of the year
Lead actors: Olya Polyakova and DZIDZIO (Mykhaylo Khoma)
Production: KINOROB (FILM.UA Group) and Secret Service Entertainment Agency with the support of Ukrainian State Film Agency
Director: Oleksiy Daruga
Screenwriters: Sergiy Kastornykh, Artur Petrov
DOP: Tymofiy Avramchuk
Producers: Egor Olesov, Natalia Yukhno, Mykhaylo Yasynsky, Olya Polyakova
Cast: Oleg Voloschenko, Sergiy Lyba, Dmytro Vivcharyuk, Maria Pustova, Roman Khalayimov
Celeb cameos: Natalia Sumska, Yuriy Gorbunov, Jerry Heil, Dyadya Zhora, Magic Five