FILM.UA Group to adapt the book about glorious Ukrainian Hetman Ivan Mazepa into a TV series

• 19.10.2021

FILM.UA Group together with Ukraine TV channel announced the beginning of cooperation on the TV series adaptation of Tetiana Tairova's book Mazepa. Chronicles of an Orthodox nobleman. The Ruin («МазепаХроніки православного шляхтичаРуїна»). 

The historical novel focuses on an important and tragic episode in the life of Ivan Mazepa, the future Hetman of Ukraine. The events take place during the Ruin, a dramatic period in the history of the Cossack Ukraine, which is characterized through the split of the Hetmanate, bloody internecine strife, and the struggle for power. 

Tetiana Tairova has been studying the history of the Hetmanate for 30 years, and has dedicated almost two decades specifically to the study of Ivan Mazepa's biography. She has written dozens of monographs and articles. But the book Mazepa. Chronicles of an Orthodox Nobleman. The Ruin («МазепаХроніки православного шляхтичаРуїна») became her first fiction book. 

"For more than 30 years, I have been studying the history of the Hetmanate and for more than 18 years – the personality of Ivan Mazepa. I wanted to communicate my knowledge to a larger audience. That's why I chose the format of a fiction book, which allows not only to tell about the tragic and heroic historical period but also to bring the characters "closer" to the audience by looking deep into their psychology and feelings. All the characters and events in the book are real and are based on documents available in the archives," explains Tetiana Tairova. 

Volodymyr Borodianskyi, member of the Supervisory Board of Media Group Ukraine, and Viktor Myrskyi, General Producer of FILM.UA Group, spoke about the first details of the book adaptation. 

"FILM.UA together with Media Group Ukraine and Tetiana Tairova start working on a TV series about Mazepa. It is planned that the plot of the book will serve as the basis for the script. We strongly support Tetiana's work and hope that the future TV series will help to promote this and future books in the Chronicles of an Orthodox Nobleman («Хроніки православного шляхтича») series," stated Viktor Myrskyi. 

"Viktor and I have long dreamed of doing a project that would be interesting for both the viewers of OLL.TV and the audience of Ukraine TV channel. Viktor proposed to do a series about Mazepa and today, FILM.UA is working on writing the script. This project is not just a TV series, it is part of the content strategy of Media Group Ukraine," said Volodymyr Borodianskyi. 

The book itself was presented in the main Hetman's city residence, Baturyn. 

"Baturyn played a key role in the life of Ivan Mazepa. It was here, the Hetman's residence of Ivan Samoilovych, that Mazepa's path went to in 1674. And this path was described by Tetiana Tairova-Yakovlieva in her novel", explains Nataliia RebrovaGeneral Director of Baturyn National Historical and Cultural Reserve Hetman's Capital («Гетьманська столиця»). 

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