Star cast and amazing poster: The comedy Best Weekend («Найкращі Вихідні») is coming for your hearts

• 09.10.2021

The comedy Best Weekend («Найкращі Вихідні») has it all: the best Ukrainian actors, top musicians, and unpredictable cameos. The movie will arrive in theaters in February 2022 and will make this winter really hot

Whether you're in love in the movies or in life or just in love, Best Weekend («Найкращі Вихідні») is a prime reason to visit cinemas already this winter. You'll see 4 different stories on screen, each of which will make you laugh, think or will touch your heart and will surely stick in your memory. In which role are the stars going to appear? Read here and now!

Daria Petrozhytska plays the character of the temperamental Olha, who is one of the organisers of the large-scale music festival Atlas Weekend. Next to her there is the charismatic German actor, Elias Reichert. He plays the role of Olha's passionate admirer, who has fallen in love with her online. But the harsh reality destroys the romance of Instagram, and all the plans of the romantic German guy go down the drain. However, for the sake of love, the guy is capable of anything: overcome hundreds of contradictions and even go on a real quest in the capital city, looking for the lost rock star Peter Pocher (played by Hans Jörg Berchtold) with his "beloved". Olha and the determined German guy is said to be the most romantic couple on the set. We'll soon find out if it is so.

"It is a truly unique collaboration between the music and film industries, where both film and music, movie stars and music stars come together. It's action, it's romance, and it's comedy, first and foremost. All in all, it's going to be awesome," says actress Daria Petrozhytska, who plays Olha in the movie Best Weekend («Найкращі Вихідні»).

Nataliia Babenko plays the role of Mira, a career-oriented girl with perfectionism syndrome, and it was a real adventure for her to play her character on the set. You bet, for the actress is involved in a bunch of action scenes wearing high heels, as her character, instead of being interviewed for the job of her life, searches for her troublesome little brother Lesyk in a crowd of a hundred thousand people. By the way, Lesyk is the lucky one in the film, as he meets only famous and nice people, among which are alyona alyona, Yuliia Sanina, and one and only VERKA SERDUCHKA. It was during the performance of the latter at Atlas Weekend that the finale of this story was filmed.

Irma Vitovska and Georgiy Khostikoіev play the exes whose life lines have long become parallel. But there is one but. This "but" is called Alissa. She is a surprisingly stubborn teenager, for whom her father, a rocker who left the family a long time ago, is a real idol. It is him that the girl is looking for in Kyiv. Alissa is played by a newly discovered actress and a future film star Alina Cheban. Her partner in the film is the famous blogger Bogdan Osadchuk.

Another story in the film is the story of a stag party, which the guys from Kryvyi Rih plan to have in the heart of Kyiv. But instead the hardcore daredevils make a real stir in the capital. On the screen, they are embodied by famous Ukrainian TV and stage actors, Oleksandr Rudynskyi, Maksym Devizorov, Valerii Morozov, and Maksym Kyrychenko.

"The film is awesome. I'm really looking forward to the premiere. Awesome because I was on set with my friends, with whom I studied and with whom I already did some filming. Plus, we play characters from the kind of environment we ourselves grew up in. And I hope this will look quite organic on the screen," states Oleksandr Rudynskyi, who is one of the actors in Best Weekend («Найкращі Вихідні»).

VERKA SERDUCHKA & band, The Hardkiss, the fiery rapper alyona alyona, the cosmic-mysterious Onuka, and the kick-ass Artem Pivovarov also make their appearances in the film. For all the musicians, their roles in the feature film will be their high-profile acting debuts. In addition, the musicians have recorded the soundtrack for the film, which will be released in early 2022. The film's sound producer is Yevhen Filatov (The Maneken).

Another surprise from the creators is the appearance on the screen of the sharp-tongued blogger Aleksey Durnev, who plays the festival's Hater. And that's not even all the surprises the creators have up their sleeve! An unexpected super-famous cameo is also to be expected. But the producers masterfully keep the intrigue until the film's premiere. So, you'd better not to miss it at the movie theaters.

Follow the news on the comedy on the film's official social media pages, so you don't miss any bombshells:

A guy from Germany becomes a volunteer at a festival to make the girl organizing this event fall in love with him, but instead he loses the foreign headliner of Atlas Weekend.
The guys from Kryvyi Rih have a legendary stag party, but argue like children and fight like adults.
A young girl from Odesa is looking for her rocker father she hasn't seen and idealized for a long 10 years.
A career-oriented girl from Lviv arrives for the most important job interview of her life, but her younger brother disrupts absolutely all her plans.
This will be the craziest trip for our characters and their Best Weekend!
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Background information
Date of release: Februar 2022
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 95 minutes
Production companies: FILM UA Group and Your Best Festival LLC
Distributed by: FILM.UA Distribution, Kinomania
Starring: Daria Petrozhytska, Irma Vitovska, Elias Reichert, Hans Jörg Berchtold, Alina Cheban, Georgiy Khostikoіev, Nataliia Babenko, Taras Denysiuk, Maksym Devizorov, Oleksandr Rudynskyi, Maksym Kyrychenko

Director: Vlad Klymchuk
Screenwriter and Creative Producer: Anastasia Lodkina
Producers: Anna Eliseeva, Dmytro Sydorenko, Oleksandra Melnyk
Executive producer: Andriy Ryzvanіuk