Mavka Universe inspires national brands: Shokunin Group creates a theme kitchenwire line portraying characters from Mavka. The Forest Song

• 06.10.2021

Shokunin Group was inspired by the plot and characters of the most anticipated animated film of 2022, Mavka. The Forest Song, and created a line of licensed festivity kitchenware with images of the Forest Keeper and Swampy thanks to the support of Nerd Agency 

Now the festivities will take place in a magical ambience! To create it, there is a line of paper kitchenware portraying characters from Mavka. The Forest Song, FILM.UA Group flagship project produced by Animagrad studio. The kitchenware was manufactured by Shokunin Group (Ukraine) with the support of Nerd Agency, Mavka brand licensor.  

“We are delighted to present to the world licensed paper kitchenware under Mavka. The Forest Song brand. First of all I’d like to thank our partner, Shokunin Group, for joining the magical universe of the brand. The product is extraordinary, emotional and a bit magical. Mavka fans are growing in numbers, and she finds her place in more hearts. Paper kitchenware with Mavka and Swampy will make people smile when they drink coffee or savor a piece of cake. We work a lot for that smile of brand fans. License products fill life with emotions, and Mavka products also add a pinch of magic,” says Tetyana Ruban, director at Nerd Agency.  

The product can be purchased in separate sets; each of them has six glasses or six plates. The kitchenware is totally safe for kids: food colorants were used for the images, and the product itself is made of thick paper.   

Our company has been distributing children’s toys for a long time and always tries to be in the know and follow all novelties in the world of content. We heard about the making of Mavka. The Forest Song animated film a while ago. After the trailer was released, all doubts were dispelled – we have to work with a national product of such extraordinary beauty. Besides, the film’s ideology and mission as well as the project team’s sophisticated work made us incredibly inspired. We decided to start cooperation from producing paper kitchenware. We believe that kitchenware portraying Mavka characters should adorn not just children’s parties but also cafés and coffee shops”, says Sergiy Zhurid, director at Shokunin Group. 

Mavka brand got universal recognition long before the cartoon’s release and keeps confidently growing its popularity even today. That is why the licensing program is gaining momentum, and goods in various categories are appearing. For example, a Lviv confectionery recently presented a Mavka cake. Now you can taste this delicious masterpiece off branded kitchenware with an original design spreading the feeling of real magic.  

You can buy kitchenware sets on STORE, in Vostorg supermarkets chain (Kharkiv) or on allowing to order goods online and obtain them anywhere in Ukraine. Soon they will also be available in ROZETKA online supermarket and many other online stores all over Ukraine.  Those wishing to join Mavka Universe and to release their own branded product should go to Nerd Agency representing Mavka brand rights