FILM.UA Group and TV channel "Ukraine" are filming the series "The Copper Ring"

• 23.09.2021

A new four-episode melodrama "The Copper Ring" is being filmed in Kyiv. The project is created by FILM.UA Group and TV channel "Ukraine".


This gasping and poignant story will tell about the fates of Vera and Roman who are in love. Because of intrigues, the lady and the young man will quarrel and split up, Roman will find himself in a wheelchair, and Vera will be out of touch with him... The main heroes will have to find out who is their friend and who is trying to destroy their life. Will Roman be able to move on his own? Will the heroes meet again? Will they keep their feelings?

“Our film is about powerful and real love, about the feeling that overcomes the years of separation or other people's intrigues. All the heroes of this story have to follow their own path: some will come through the hardest trials and become stronger, and others, on the contrary, will lose everything...”- says the director Aleksandr Budyonny.

The leading man – actor Dmitry Belyakin– told about his hero.

“My character Roman is a man with a core. He is trying to rearrange his life, despite fear and despair. You know, I had a friend who was bedridden for six months due to a spinal fracture. I visited him and saw what it feels like. Finally, he got back to his feet – it requires will, efforts, and a strong desire to live."

The role of Petr, a friend of the couple of Roman and Vera, a very controversial person, will be played by the actor Ruslan Kornekov“I am comfortable in the role of Petr, I just love to play tough guys! There are so many things in him – both good and bad."

The film is also featuring the actors Aleksandrа Sizonenko, Yuliya Amelkina, Vlad Pisarenko, Tamara Morozova, Svetlana Zelbet and others.

About the project: 

Roman is a talented athlete, Vera is a future rehabilitation therapist. Love at first sight connected them. However, their happiness is hampered by Petr, a rival who not only sets up Roman's injury, but also makes up a sinister plan which causes the lovers to quarrel for many years. Roman will be able to survive and get back to his feet only thanks to the unique Vera's developments, which someone is trying to steal. Only Vera's love and devotedness can save him.  

Director: Aleksandr Budyonny. 

Camera director: Konstantin Loboda.

Producers: Victoria Korogod, Natalya Stribuk, Irina Chernyak, Viktor Mirsky, Marina Khripunova, Irina Bosova, Elena Malkova, Yuliya Mishchenko.

Scriptwriters: Mark Shparber, Tatiana Kabzistaya.

Filming takes place in Kyiv and Kyiv region.