A cover version to Toy Den’ (That Day) hit song by Okean Elzy performed by Zlata Ognevych: a new soundtrack to Pulse sports drama released

• 19.07.2021

Pulse creative crew presented a new music theme to the film, Toy Den’. It was performed by Zlata Ognevych and arranged by Yevhen Filatov (The Maneken). There is also a music video to the song you can view at this link. Just a reminder: Pulse premiere is planned for July 22. 

On July 22, theatrical screenings start for the long-awaited sports drama Pulse (produced by Kinorob, which is a partof FILM.UA Group). Today, several days before the start of the film’s theatrical distribution, a new soundtrack wasreleased together with its music video. The track name is Toy Den’ (That Day); the vocalist is Zlata Ognevych, apopular singer, and the arrangement was made by a well-known musician and composer Yevhen Filatov (TheManeken) who is also the composer for Pulse. This soundtrack is a cover version of a hit song by Okean Elzy with the same title, written in late 1990s by the band’s leader Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. 

Egor Olesovfilm producertells about the way this song appeared: On the eve of Pulse screenings we wanted toadditionally remind the viewers about the film. That is why I had an idea to record and release a song which would overlap with the ideas of our inspiring movie. I went to Svyatoslav Vakarchuk we used to work on many film music themes with. We started reviewing the repertoire of Okean Elzy, and Toy Den’ seemed to us the most appropriate for Pulse. However, I wanted to record this hit song in a different arrangement and with female vocals as the film’s protagonist is a woman. Zlata Ognevych, a great singer, and Yevhen Filatov, a composer who knows the film well, helped us with this idea.”   

Producer Egor Olesov showed me that there is a global practice of promoting feature films in the form of musicvideos containing various film fragmentswith a contemporary hit song reimagined. I liked the idea and I recommended to go to Zlata Ognevych who is a great professional with a strong voice. We agreed that we want to obtain a powerful music construct. While reimagining the song by Okean Elzy I added pulsing sounds to the song that I used in the film and when writing the original soundtrack. They unite the whole story. And the song’s meaning, in my and the producer’s opinion, reveals the point of the film very well,” says Yevhen Filatov, composer, sharing the details of his work on the song. 

“In my childhood I dreamed to be in a film. And when I was offered to sing in the soundtrack to Pulse, a Ukrainian film, I was incredibly happy. For me it is a great honor to work with such a talented and creative team and naturally, I enjoyed singing a song by Okean Elzy, a legendary band I’ve adored since my childhood. For me this song has a deep meaning, and now it has acquired some additional dimensions as a part of Pulse”, says Zlata Ognevych, Ukrainian singer and composer, sharing her impressions from performing Toy Den’. 

By the way, the first official soundtrack to Pulse is a song performed by a popular Ukrainian female rapper alyonaalyona called ‘GO’!


Just a reminder: the start of wide national release for Pulse sports biopic is planned for July 22, 2021. 

You can watch the official trailer to the film here.

The film is distributed on the territory of Ukraine by Kinomania and FILM.UA Distribution, the latter also responsible for international sales.

The official partner of the first Ukrainian feature about the life of Ukrainian athletes is Kyivstar, national mobile communications operator.*

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Ukrainian premiere: 2021

Genre: sports drama

Production: KINOROB (Battle for Sevastopol, The Stronghold, The Rising Hawk, Mr Jones)

Distributors: Kinomania and FILM.UA Distribution

Director: Sergiy Chebotarenko

Producer: Egor Olesov

Cameraman: Yuriy Korol

Screenwriters: Yaroslav Voytseshek, Maksym Chernysh  

Art director: Maria Ostrovska

Composer: Yevhen Filatov

Costume designer: Ruslan Khvastov

Makeup artist: Alla Leonova

Cast: Natalia Babenko (Oksana), Stanislav Boklan (coach), Viktoria Levhchenko (Olena, Oksana’s sister), Natalya Dolya (mother), Oleksandr Kobzar (father), Lilia Rebryk (coach Iryna, Akhtem Seitablayev (doctor), Roman Yasinovsky (Dmytro), Maksym Samchyk (Maks), Sergiy Luzanovsky (Sergiy), Darya Barikhashvili (Hanna), and others.  

Synopsis: A young Ukrainian track and field athlete lives in a small town and has a big dream – to make it to the Olympic Games. Her sports career is only starting but she demonstrates good results. However, due to a terrible car accident the girl suffers grave injuries and almost loses her eyesight.  It seems that now Oksana has lost all chances not just to make it to the coveted Olympic Games but also to live a normal life. However, the girl is not going to give up and plans to prove that there are no obstacles on the way to a real dream. 

* Kyivstar is a major Ukrainian telecommunications operator providing communications and data transfer services using a wide range of mobile and fixed technologies for 25.8 mobile communications subscribers and 1.1 million fixed Internet subscribers. 4G services of the company are available on the territory where 87% of Ukrainian population lives. Kyivstar’s shareholder is VEON Ltd group with an office in the Netherlands. The Group’s shares are traded on NASDAQ (New York) and Euronext (Amsterdam) stock markets. Kyivstar has worked in Ukraine for 23 years and is the biggest taxpayer to state budget at the telecom market, one of the best employers and a socially responsible company.

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