Best collaboration: Yulia Sanina, ALYONA ALYONA, ONUKA and Artem Pyvovarov present the soundtrack to Best Weekend

• 13.07.2021

In the framework of Atlas Weekend, some filming took place during which a part of the soundtrack was revealed. 

On July 11 at Atlas Weekend music festival in the format of filming a soundtrack was premiered to Ukrainian film Best Weekend jointly produced by FILM.UA and Atlas Weekend.  Tviy Den (Your Day) song performed by The Hardkiss, Alyona Alyona, Onuka and Artem Pyvovarov closed the festival, and Atlas Weekend guests were the first ones to hear the soundtrack to the future comedy. This song is a result of unique creative collaboration among leaders of festival, music and film industries. 

On Sunday night, all performers of the track got together at the festival’s Main stage to participate in filming as the performance of celebrities and the song itself are a part of the film’s plot and its unexpected ending in particular. And while the performers were heating up the festival, actors and the film crew – 80 people in total – worked to film this incredible performance.  

“Ukraine has seen nothing like that - integrating a concert into the film plot, gathering top artists of the country and during their performance filming material for the future movie without any room for mistakes. We had limited time and real-life extras: we managed to make something unique with no additional takes or fake emotions! “Cinema inspires music, and music inspires cinema: after the challenging pandemic year our collaboration is like a symbol of creative industry renaissance,”  says Anna Eliseyeva, film producer.

The music ideologist and sound producer of both the song and Best Weekend film is The Maneken (Yevhen Filatov). And artists in different genres - hip hop, rock, electronic and pop music - get together to illustrate the film’s idea: for something cool and new to happen, you have to do something unexpected and go beyond the ordinary. 

Best Weekend will be the third feature film where I work as  a composer. For this movie I don’t just write my music but also produce the track recorded by Alyona Alyona, ONUKA, Artem Pyvovarov and The Hardkiss. Actually, the song won’t be just a soundtrack to the movie but also the Atlas Weekend anthem,”  said Yevhen Filatov.

“The idea to record an anthem for Atlas Weekend appeared a while ago, it was in the air. The festival is huge, and it was lacking such a song. And when there was a proposal from film authors to combine the festival anthem and the film soundtrack, everything came together. The artists who performed this anthem together are a really cool crowd - all of them my friends or people I know well, so it was easy for us to find a common ground. The song was created in synergy: The Maneken wrote the foundation and then everyone added their ideas and melodies like beads on a string, so now we have this fascinating collaboration. Naturally, the filming itself in which we participated after our concert was also great. This was a new feeling for me, the first time I was on the set of a feature film. I can say that an actor’s profession is very complicated; we left at about 3 am but in great mood. It would be interesting to see the results on the screen,” said Yulia Sanina.

“It was nice to see that people after The Hardkiss performance did not go home and stayed to become one with the filming process, with this great event. People helped us to create a groovy ambience, this immense kick from the music. It seems to me that all artists that went onstage yesterday pleasantly surprised the audience by their track and what was happening on the stage. This was a real performance,” says Alyona Alyona, describing her emotions.

“As a rule, I almost never take part in the stories involving creation of joint tracks. But for several reasons I agreed to a proposal to participate in a collaboration aiming to record a song for a movie.

I liked the idea that my recorder part will be a motive for the track. Besides, I am a fan of artists who participated in the track. For me they are the most outstanding artists creating new Ukrainian music.

And as Yevhen Filatov wrote the music, I decided to give up my rules, trust my fate and participate in this happening. It was fascinating and a great honor in such company,”  Onuka says.

“Four elements, four different styles and four representatives of the new wave in Ukrainian music got together to give to Best Weekend and the festival a symbiosis of emotions and energy, putting everything together in one story. I am now in the waiting mode!” says Artem Pyvovarov.

“Presenting a soundtrack to the film at the festival was a cool idea: everyone was delighted with this surprise. And we heard how the song sounded in open air. I believe that this is an incredible collaboration that will not only become a great soundtrack to the film but also an official anthem of Atlas Weekend for many years to come!” says Dmytro Sydorenko, producer, sharing his impressions.

Presently the work on the comedy is ongoing; in particular, at Atlas Weekend some material was filmed that will make it to the future movie. We have a lot of news and fun facts about the project ahead: be sure to follow FILM.UA Group and Atlas Weekend official pages!

Best Weekend premiere is planned for 2022. Film distributors are FILM.UA Distribution and Kinomania.



Release date: 2022

Genre: comedy

Timing: 95 mins

Production: FILM.UA Group and Your Best Festival LLC

Distributors: FILM.UA Distribution, Kinomania

Cast: Darya Petrozhytska, Irma Vitovska, Elias Reichert, Alina Cheban, Georgiy Khostikoyev, Natalia Babenko, Taras Denysyuk, Maksym Devizorov, Oleksandr Rudynsky, Maksym Kirichenko. 

Director: Vlad Klymchuk

Screenwriter and creative producer: Anastasia Lodkina 

Producers: Anna Eliseyeva, Dmytro Sydorenko

Executive producer: Andriy Ryzvanyuk


A guy from Germany becomes a volunteer at the festival to make a female organizer fall in love with him but instead loses an elderly headliner of Atlas Weekend.

Guys from Kryvyi Rig organize a legendary stag party but quarrel like children and fight like adults.

A young girl from Odessa looks for her rocker dad who she hasn’t seen and instead constructed an ideal image of for 10 years.

A career-climber from Lviv arrives for the most important interview in her life but her younger brother disrupts absolutely all of her plans.

This is going to be the craziest trip of our characters and their Best Weekend!

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