FILM.UA Group and Ukraina TV channel announced their cooperation in making a feature!

• 06.07.2021

In Nature comedy will become the first co-production case of a theatrical film between the biggest players of UkrainianTV and film industries.  

Skewers upThe leading Ukrainian companies of film and TV industries, FILM.UA Group and Ukraina TV channel, announced the beginning of work on a comedy feature with a working title In Nature.  

Ukraina TV channel will become a co-producer of a theatrical film for the first time. The leader in production of TV content, the most popular channel in the country with a portfolio containing numerous marketing collaborations with iconic movies masters a new production vector of entertaining cinema for mass audience.

The strengthening of TV channels presence on the territory of entertainment content is among our strategic tasks.Yes, we are leaders of series production and actively expand our genre range – e.g., we are preparing for a sitcom premiere in the new season, Lusya the Intern. Our super-successful MASK allowed us to loudly announce ourselves on the territory of prime-time TV shows. The next step is to execute our ambitions in production of entertaining theatrical films. Co-production with FILM.UA will be the first experience for the TV channel in this direction. FILM.UA Group is a partner we’ve had many successful projects with in the production of TV content as well as signature media partnerships with feature films like The Rising Hawk, Mr Jones and Battle for Sevastopol, and we see great potential in the TV channel’s entry to the market of features in cooperation with them,” said Viktoria Korogod, director at Ukraina TV channel.  

For FILM.UA Group, In Nature will also become a new co-production experience with a TV channel in making atheatrical feature.

We are delighted that Ukraina TV channel will be exploring new territories with our company. This is actually a part of our long-term strategy – expanding cooperation on the market and increasing the number of collaboration cases between the industries via pooling resources and experience. Such cooperation logically continues the course of development for Ukrainian cinema market, and we are its active player,” said Viktoria Yarmoschuk, CEO at FILM.UA Group.  

FILM.UA Group is a leader in producing theatrical films in Ukraine. The total box office of studio films in 2014-2021 has amounted to 264,187,869 UAH. In particular, five films collected over 1 million USD each in Ukrainian distribution, and three of them are comedies (the Crazy Wedding trilogy).  

That is why for the first joint film project the genre of mass family comedy was chosen. The plot will be clear and close to hearts of wide audiences as many found themselves in similar situations. As soon as warm spring days come, families try to go out in nature – have a rest, spend time together, enjoy the first rays of the sun and, naturally, make new photos for social networks. The plot is centered around two families who accidentally find themselves on the same clearing while each family believes it should be theirs. Besides, they hold opposite views not only about marinades for kebab but also on how to live and bring up children. Who will win the barbecue spot? And will the third force who also needs this clearing be able to reconcile two families with totally different outlooks? 

Film authors promise many adventures, laughs, familiar situations, celebs, fresh air, and unexpected appearances onthe same clearing.  

Presently preparation for filming is in full swing. Details are to follow later – be sure to stay with us for the news!