Characters of Mavka. The Forest Song in the Silpo’s National Loyalty Campaign

• 11.06.2021

The animated feature film Mavka. The Forest Song and Silpo supermarket chain announce the launch of the loyalty campaign Mavka. The Forest World. It is based on the motives and images of the animated film produced by  Animagrad studio (FILM.UA Group), to be premiered in 2022. 

This is for the first time in Ukraine a retailer is launching a nationwide campaign based on the animated ukrainiancharacters. For sure, this confirms the animation industry development and long-wished-for original, not borrowed, characters. The Ukrainian culture is reach in unique and distinct characters and stories, and the animation and retail make it trendy and popular.

Mavka. The Forest World is a comprehensive loyalty campaign launched on June 1 in the chain’s supermarkets all over Ukraine. The Silpo customers may collect a themed set of ‘mavchyk’, tiny figures of the film characters, buy other branded goods; and with the Mavka Silpo AR-app one may even animate them. 

The ‘mavchyk’ set has 16 tiny figures of Mavka and other inhabitants of the Forest World, mythical and real Ukrainian Red Book animals. One may keep this special set in the ‘charmed Willow’, a dedicated playing box. Along with these tiny figures other collectables will be made available. Like cuddly toys of Red Book Lynx Cub and Swampy, a tote, keychain bags, transferable tattoos with characters and runes. The collection of Mavka. The Forest World has got also a unique Graibook. This is a separate fantasy world for reading and child development, with a game, coloring pages, stickers. Anna Eliseeva, a project producer, and Yaroslav Voitseshek, a scriptwriter, made an original story for this book, it opens up the secret how Mavka met her best friend Swampy. The Graibook is a spin-off of the animated film.

And the free Mavka Silpo AR-app will help immerse in the Mavka’s Universe: one may animate the film characters in Graibook pages or read runes on the pebbles in the Rock of Runes board game. Hush comments the stories; this is a character responsible for the forest noise and Mavka’s friend. The app is available in App Store and Google Play.

Silpo is one of the licensing flagships of the project Mavka. The Forest Song. The launch of the national loyalty campaign keeps on the creative collab of two outstanding Ukrainian brands. Opening of Silpo Supermarket Based in Blockbuster Mall Ukraine’s Largest Shopping and Entertainment Center branded in the style of animated film Mavka. The Forest Song has become the first step back in November 2019. The animated project is targeted at the family audience, maintains the cultural values and national traditions, draws attention to the important environmental issues; and it is consonant with the concept of designer Silpo supermarkets. The two brands are planning to keep cooperation and to launch new joint projects in 2022.

The combination of dramatic plot, Slavic authenticity with the modern 3D-animation technologies makes the animated film Mavka. The Forest Song one of the most anticipated events in the European film industry and an attractive project to business partners. The animated film grew into a multi-platform brand and cross-media project – the Mavka’s Universe with strong development potential. It brings together brands, companies, scientific and public institutions, government agencies and other organizations in the creative, technological and business spheres.

“This is a unique case when the loyalty program under the license of the animated film Mavka. The Forest Song develops along with its production, not after the première. Silpo is a benchmark case as our values and objectives match: national idea, support to the Ukrainian culture and focus on the family audience. That is why one of the largest Ukrainian retailers, inspired by the universe of the animated film, opened a Mavka-style supermarket long before the film release. The loyalty program has become a logical and expected step. Thanks to Silpo, Ukrainians will be able to get to know better and touch the animation characters. I am sure this collaboration will strengthen both our brands and give unforgettable emotions to all visitors of the chain's supermarkets,” comments Yulia Pylypenko, CEO of Integrated Solutions Agency Brandly by FILM.UA Group.

The loyalty campaign Mavka. The Forest World has become the first in string of large-scale partner programs of the animated film to be implemented at the final stage of release preparation. The film première is coming in 2022. As the global practice shows, such collaborations help keep up interest before the film is released.

For more details about the Mavka. The Forest World, its conditions, goods and opportunities please check the website of the chain.