FILM.UA and FILM.UA Store presented Cineshop on wheels

• 02.06.2021

Are you a happy owner of our cozy oversize hoodie? If you’ve worn it once, you know that it is extremely hard to resist the temptation to wear it around the clock. Or maybe our cool raincoat has protected you from the rain? What about our branded notebooks and books? But you still hesitated a bit before buying as shopping online and touching the object first with your hands are not the same thing, right?

Now your favorite film souvenirs are available to everyone and everywhere! Our Cineshop has finally scrambled to its feet… we mean wheels! A bright yellow bus has transformed into a movable branch of our Store. It plans to visit all recreation spots this summer, coming to the hugest parties and the coolest festivals. Merching everything and everywhere is our modest plan. Follow the news at filmua_store and filmua on Instagram.

But this is not all! Are you organizing a festivity? Do you want to make an original statement about yourself or your company? Have you planned an informal meeting with business partners, colleagues or shareholders? Arranging a great photo zone, choosing appropriate gifts from our range or even creating and disseminating your own merchandise? We are right by your side and always ready to lend a helping hand!

Please email with any questions and proposals.