FILM.UA Group jointly with ATLAS Weekend festival starts working on The Weekend comedy

• 25.05.2021

FILM.UA Group and ATLAS Weekend festival announce the start of their joint work on The Weekend. This is a comedy in four novellas united by crazy adventures, Kyiv and the biggest music festival in Eastern Europe. The partnership of companies, two leaders in creative industries, is about co-producing and co-marketing the product. The film director is Vlad Klymchuk.  

The Weekend consists of four novellas the characters of which sometimes run into each other in Kyiv streets. Each of them goes to the capital according to their own plan: the guys from Kryvyi Rig are organizing a legendary stag party; a young girl from Odessa runs away from home to find her rocker dad; a career climber from Lviv goes for an interview, and a guy from Germany wants to find the love of his life. But everything goes awry, and finally the characters leave not only their homes but also their comfort zones. Anastasia Lodkina, the project’s screenwriter, says, “For something really cool to happen to you, so that you fall in love for real and feel the warmth of human relationships, you have to leave – your room, your home, your box, your stereotypes; and only then your life can change for the better!”  

Each novella is comical but has its own vector: romantic, gag, family, or adventure. All of them are about love and its different types: infatuation, friendship, or family relations. And naturally, this also includes love for Kyiv which is like a separate character in the film where all events take place and finish at the Atlas Weekend during huge concerts of the most famous Ukrainian artists. 

Film director Vlad Klymchuk, known to the audience by the first two parts of Crazy Wedding, a Ukrainian comedy with the biggest box office, tells:  

“For myself, I compare this film with an orchestra. It has totally different stories, moods and forms united in one energetic symphony, captivating and beckoning to follow.”  

The film cast features both famous young actors and real legends of Ukrainian cinema. The audience will also see unexpected cameos and show business celebs. Presently only one couple in one plot line has been disclosed: Darya Petrozhytska and Elias Reichert, a German actor.   

Film producers Anna Eliseyeva (FILM.UA Group) and Dmytro Sydorenko (ATLAS Weekend) are convinced: “Our film has an unusual combination of comedy and self-irony, warm and cozy ambience and breathtaking scenes. Filming such project is an ambitious and challenging task but we are certain that a film with the spirit of togetherness and uplifting is something we all need, both the creative industry and the audience.”  

The project authors promise lots of surprises and fascinating stories – so be sure to follow the news.  

The comedy will be filmed in July and August, and the premiere of The Weekend is expected in 2022.  

The project is created with the support of USAID. 



Release date: 2022

Genre: comedy

Timing: 95 mins

Production: FILM UA Group and Your Best Festival LLC 

Distributors: FILM.UA Distribution

Director: Vlad Klymchuk

Cast: Darya Petrozhytska, Elias Reichert, Alina Cheban, Georgiy Khostikoyev, Natalia Babenko, Taras Denysyuk, Maksym Devizorov, Oleksandr Rudynsky, Maksym Kyrychenko  

Screenwriter: Anastasia Lodkina

Producers: Anna Eliseyeva, Dmytro Sydorenko

Executive producer: Andriy Ryzvanyuk

Creative producer: Anastasia Lodkina

Slogan: Leave your home. Lose. Find.


People go to Kyiv for the weekend with very different plans. A guy from Germany wants to find the girl he has fallen in love with online. A 16-year-old from Odesa is looking for her rocker dad she hasn’t seen for 10 years. Guys from Kryvyi Rig are planning to organize the most legendary stag party in history. A career-climber from Lviv is not even going to walk around Kyiv; she only plans to prepare for her looming interview. Great plans! What can go wrong? Everything! And this is going to be the best weekend!  

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