The Original Soundtrack to Warpath:Showdown is proudly presented by Postmodern Digital and Lilith Games

• 12.04.2021

Postmodern Digital, a part of FILM.UA Group, and Lilith Games, a leading Chinese mobile games production company, made Warpath: Showdown short film. Since today, its OST is available on SoundCloud.

On March 16, dedicated to Warpath release on iOS, a special video  Warpath: Showdown was premiered; the companies had worked on it together for over seven months. This cinematic created for the game’s promotion appeared on YouTube and just in five days had about 1 million views on the two main channels (Warpath and IGN), and also about 70 million views on leading Chinese platforms. Warpath: Showdown is becoming more successful every day: there are over 35 million views on YouTube and more than 100 million in China.

Upon numerous requests of the game fans, Postmodern Digital jointly with Lilith Games presented the cinematic’s OST now available on  SoundCloud. The composer for Warpath: Showdown is a well-known Ukrainian musician, composer, arranger and producer Eugene Filatov with whom FILM.UA Group companies have already successfully cooperated (Maid-in-Law, Pulse). The official soundtrack includes an original, an instrumental and an orchestra version of the music piece.  

The plot is based on a dramatic story of two soldiers who found themselves on the opposite sides. The video realistically shows captivating clashes and breaking points of military action unfolding around personal stories of the characters and their families.  

Concept and idea development were a responsibility of teams led by Arsher Zhao (Lilith Games) and Egor Borschevsky (Postmodern Digital). Lilith Games turned to Postmodern Digital with a cooperation offer as the latter already had a wealth of experience developing battle scenes and a strong creative core.  

The co-authors were experienced VFX supervisors Bohdan Oliynyk and Roman Kladko who helped to adapt the idea for optimal VFX development. The studio’s VFX team worked on the idea implementation under the management of Olena Mas, VFX producer.  

“Jointly with Lilith Games, Postmodern Digital team worked on making a film from developing a script concept to the final shot. The post-production was performed by our colleagues from Postmodern Postpoduction. Talented editors Viktor Onysko and Artem Kobets helped to create the ambience and dynamics, and composer Yevhen Filatov was also of great help in that,” said Olena Mas, VFX producer.

The work on the project at each stage gathered true giants of Ukrainian cinema. In particular, the director was Akhtem Seitablayev (Haytarma, Cyborgs, Stranger’s Prayer, The Rising Hawk), the cameraman was Yuriy Korol (Battle for Sevastopol, Cyborgs, The Rising Hawk, Pulse), and the astonishing set design was created by Vlad Odudenko (The Stronghold, The Rising Hawk, Home) and his team.  

On his Facebook page, Akhtem Seitablayev confessed that before he started working on the project he had known almost nothing about video games.  

“Then there was an extremely fascinating, rich and energetic story of making a short film as a part of bigger computer game. <…> I have many things to give my thanks for. For the invitation, for enjoying cooperation with my mega-talented friends. <…> I wish our Chinese counterparts good luck with Warpath: Showdown!” said Akhtem Seitablayev, director.

The project also involved Andriy Isayenko, Maks Salo, Yevhen Filatov (composer), Egor Olesov (sound producer), Serge Krutsenko (orchestra recording), Vitaly Telezin (music recorded and mixed), Olena Gres, Liliana Khoma, and many others. Invaluable contributions were made by consultant Andriy Shvachko, 172nd Infantry Regiment Historical and Military Club, and a team of stuntmen Stuntalot headed by Pavlo Avilov.

Soon, the release of a making-of film to Warpath: Showdown is planned where all participants of the process will tell about their unique experience, peculiarities of working on the project, and the challenges they had to face.