Successful premiere: Tell Me the Truth watched by every fifth viewer!

• 30.03.2021

Tell Me the Truth four-episode melodrama premiered on March 28 on Ukraina TV channel got brilliant rankings!   

The series won leadership in several categories at once. It made it to slot leaders by four main audiences: commercial 18-54 (50+) and others, 18+ (50+), 18-54 (Ukr) and 18+ (Ukr).

It also made it to the first lines in top 20 TV programs for the day by 18+ audiences (50+ and Ukr).

Every fifth viewer watched our project; per-episode coverage amounted to 2 million 977 thousand viewers. The ranking and viewing share are the following:  18-54 (50+) 2.87% and 11.1%; 18+ (50+) 6.89% and 20.0%; 18-54 (Ukr) 3.29% and 12.7%; and 18+ (Ukr) 6.24% and 18.8%. 

We congratulate melodrama authors and everyone who worked on its making on high rankings!

Director: Roman Tkachenko
Producer: Viktoria Korogod, Natalya Strybuk, Viktor Mirsky, Iryna Chernyak, Elena Malkova, Kirill Gorobets, Tatyana Nosenko
Director of photography: Dmitry Yurikov
Scriptwriter: Alexey Sivolap, Maria Bek, Andrey Pertsen
Cast: Anastasia Tsymbalaru, Kirill Kuznetsov, Artem Poznyak, Dmitry Saranskov, Viktoria Karpinskaya, Karina Mushta, Elizar Nazarenko, and others.