Mother’s Love became the best series of the day!

• 10.03.2021

Mother’s Love, a four-episode melodrama premiered on March 7 on Ukraina TV channel, obtained high rankings!  

The project made it to definite slot leaders by three main audiences: 18+ (50+), 18-54 (Ukr) and 18+ (Ukr); the melodrama became the best series of the day on March 7 by the same audiences as well! 

The audience coverage per episode amounted to 2 million 851 thousand viewers, and the project’s share greatly exceeded that of the TV channel on the broadcasting day and compared to the numbers of the previous week.  

On average the project ranking and viewing share are the following:  18-54 (50+) 2.87% and 10.3%; 18+ (50+) 6.36% and 17.8%; 18-54 (Ukr) 3.23 % and 10.9%; and 18+ (Ukr) 6.12% and 16.7%.

We congratulate melodrama authors and everyone who worked on its making on high rankings and audience’s appreciation!

Director: Irina Gromozda

Producer: Viktoria Korogod, Natalya Strybuk, Viktor Mirsky, Iryna Chernyak, Elena Malkova, Ekaterina Shvets.

Director of photography: Sergey Grablev

Scriptwriter: Nadezhda Komarovskaya, Lev Karpov, Andrey Perzen, Elena Zueva

Cast: Darya Plakhtiy, Taras Tsymbalyuk, Pyotr Rykov, Anastasia Bunina, Gordey Dzyubinsky, Sergey Dzyalik, Darya Egorkina, Elizaveta Zaytseva, Aleksey Nagrudny, Svetlana Zelbet, Inna Miroshnichenko, and others.