FILM.UA Group and Polina Tolmachova, director for marketing and PR at FILM.UA Group, decided to terminate cooperation

• 12.02.2021

This decision was challenging but the parties managed to reachan agreement.

During the year I have been working as a CEO, together with Polina we’ve implemented a range of projects vital for brand development and the Group’s positioning. It was possible due to Polina’s direct involvement in the key processes of the Group and in their formation. We are grateful to Polina for the years of work, enthusiasm, great faith in our mission and full dedication to the development not just of the Group but of the industry in general,” says Viktoria Yarmoshchuk, CEO at FILM.UA Group.

These years were not just years of intensive and productive work. This was literally a historical period, a period of establishment for film industry in Ukraine. For marketing, this was the time of numerous challenges: reformatting distribution, forming new markets, launching new products, creating a brand for Ukrainian cinema and its monetization. In PR, we managed not only to introduce Ukrainian cinema in the information field but also to make it stay there for good. I am proud and will always be proud of working in the Group, in a team with wonderful and talented people and of directly influencing global processes. Our stories change the world for the better and being a part of it is a huge privilege,” says Polina Tolmachova.

We wish Polina every success in her further career and express deep gratitude for everything we have managed to do together.

From now on, please contact Oleksandra Lutsenko with questions on marketing, PR and communications.