FILM.UA Group joined the fight against content theft

• 27.01.2021

FILM.UA Group, the biggest Ukrainian media group creating and distributing video content and providing a full range of services in film industry, has become an associated member of Clear Sky anti-piracy initiative today.

Just like all creative industry participants, especially majors, FILM.UA Group faces piracy, which is an obstacle on the way towards established film industry in Ukraine. Joining the initiative will allow the Group to fight this phenomenon in synergy with other market players.

It is no secret that 2020 became a turning point for everyone. For FILM.UA Group, global changes started a bit earlier: in 2019, the studio released seven projects of different genres in cinemas, with total box office amounting to over 109 million UAH. This leap did not just strengthen our positions on film markets but also set a bar that now should only go higher. Naturally, the studio has lots of plans: there are finished films soon to appear on cinema screens and projects in development, which are kept secret for now. Protection of our products from unauthorized use is a manifestation of respect towards creative crews and the results of their work, responsibility before partners and structures involved in the process and, finally, keeping the profits allowing the Group to develop further and establish Ukraine as a major player at global film production market,” said Viktoria Yarmoschuk, CEO at FILM.UA Group.

Vyacheslav Miyenko, head of Clear Sky initiative, notes that Ukrainian film industry is now in the stage of rapid development: more and more high-quality and wide-scale projects emerge, including those in cooperation with international partners, the audience grows, Ukrainian cinema is talked about and appreciated. “The Law ‘On State Support of Cinematography in Ukraine’ of 2017 had a positive impact both on the field opportunities and on intellectual property protection. However, those willing to illegally earn off high-quality content still don’t miss their chances which leads to rights holders’ losses and destructively impacts the developing sector. That is why I am convinced that FILM.UA Group as the biggest Ukrainian audiovisual content producer joining Clear Sky will help all the initiative participants to strengthen content protection mechanisms together and inspire other rights holders to do the same,” Vyacheslav says.

Clear Sky initiative also reminds about membership privileges and opportunities. They include help in identifying illegal publications of content on the Internet, access to listing resources breaking the law at and WIPO ALERT Database. Besides, access to SUDUM is provided, which helps to block stolen content on the Internet, enables to block pirates’ financial flows in banks and payment systems (Visa / MasterCard). The initiative participants can also obtain consulting from intellectual property rights experts, help in interacting with state authorities, informational support and experience sharing with other members and partners of Clear Sky.

Nikolay Fayengold, deputy head of Clear Sky initiative, emphasized that FILM.UA Group is the first company joining which has film production as the main field of activities. “We see positive dynamics in expanding Clear Sky; it is especially great to see that such big companies share our values and are ready to actively participate in protection of intellectual property rights holders in Ukraine.”

Clear Sky keeps accepting membership applications from production companies, international TV channels and rights holders, advertising agencies, programming service providers and everyone who understands that creative industry development is impossible without protection of intellectual property rights.