The Postmodern Digital studio has presented the making-of 'The Rescue'!

• 21.12.2020

Chinese blockbuster ‘The Rescue’ has been finally released! For almost a year the PMD team waited to share their works created for the film directed by Dante Lam. A premier of the film was originally scheduled for early 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic.

On the occasion of the release of the film, the project team performed a video MAKING OF showcasing VFX for scenes of a flaming tanker and a sinking plane. It is important to highlight that besides the Postmodern Digital team, industry majors Scanline and Digital Domain also worked on visual effects for the film.

«Our team was really happy to work on two different scenes for the film. We had everything: fire, water and copper pipes on this project. It was an inspiring experience, so we are pleased to present our best practices», – Natalia Mihalchishina, VFX Coordinator PMD, says.

Our congratulations to colleagues on the premiere!