Cinema Kids is inviting kids to Cinema Vacation!

• 18.12.2020

Please be invited to the Cinema Kids Winter Session, scheduled from 25 to 30 December 2020!

This is a day educational and entertainment project camp for kids from 8 to 14 years old from the first Ukrainian Film School. It is to introduce the film production process to kids. The theme of the winter shift is "Back to the Past", so the camp participants will learn about the history of the cinema and make their own film with historical flashbacks.

The Cinema Vacation participants can take part in all phases of the filming process: from writing the script to the final editing. Children will produce movies on their own, and experienced professionals will assist them at all phases.

The camp will be on the territory of FILM.UA Group, the Eastern Europe’s largest film studio. This means that the students will have access to real filming studios and professional equipment, props and scenery. Plus, delicious breakfasts, lunches and snacks in the studio cafe.

For more details, schedule and to register, please visit the website: Or by phone: +38 095 785 26 56.