Nerd Agency Became an Official Licensing Representative of the Mini Town Brand

• 08.12.2020

Cooperation with a popular national brand opens up new opportunities in the Ukrainian licensing market.

Nerd agency made a deal with Unimage, an owner of Mini Town brand that grew out of the Ukrainian animated series for preschoolers by the same title. It tells a story of a teddy-bear family and Mini Town they all inhabit. The series is targeted at children age 2-6 years old. The project is both entertaining and educational. It depicts various everyday events that are important for kids to know and understand at an early age.

This series airs daily on the PLUSPLUS channel and gets impressive rankings, with a rate of up to 8,67 and a share of up to 31,48. It is also available on its own YouTube channel.

The extreme popularity of Mini Town encouraged the development of its brand and, consequently, to the launch of its licensing program. Brands for children are the most popular segment in the Ukrainian licensing market, and they are predominantly represented by foreign projects. Therefore, the cooperation between Nerd Agency and Unimage is a unique opportunity to use the advantages of a popular, high-quality, and fast-growing native brand aimed at children and parents.

Tetyana Ruban, CEO of Nerd Agency, notes: 

Mini Town as a brand has a strong potential for licensing. First and foremost, because it’s a high-quality and modern animated series – it has striking characters, a lovely 3D picture, a good story, and an educational component. The content is featured on the top kid's TV channel, on YouTube with free access, as well as on VoD services. This is a rising star, which will win the adoration of children and their parents very soon. This brand is perfect for licensing: memorable characters and vibrant visual environments can fit perfectly into the design of almost any product. A particular advantage is the possibility to create toys looking exactly like the cartoon characters since the cartoon itself is created using the stop motion technique (a sequence of shots of a puppet Mini Town turned into video). The brand has good values and a positive message; it is beautiful and original. Licensed products with Mini Town brand are destined to commercial success and love of fans.”

Growing ratings of the series prove the popularity of the project among the audience. The demand for licensed products and the development of the licensing program quickly emerges.

Anton Palashkevich, CEO of Unimage, comments:

We are happy to partner with the Nerd Agency. This cooperation is sure to speed up the process of Mini Town's entry into licensed goods and toys. Bearing in mind the growing demand for the goods with our teddy-bears, it's only natural for us to cooperate with a market-leading licensing partner like Nerd Agency. They have in-depth experience in creating and promoting licensed programs in Ukraine.”


Within the licensing program, now handled by Nerd Agency, the priority is put on cooperating with manufacturers of the following children's goods: toys, educational games, products for outdoor activities, books, food, beverages, and hygiene products for preschoolers.



NERD AGENCY is a brand licensing and celebrity marketing agency within the FILM.UA Group. It licenses out the rights in the usage of branded imagery from cartoons, series, movies, games, and other artistic works, as well as images of celebrities on consumer goods and in promo-campaigns.

The agency's mission is to bring joy to consumers and profit to business partners. 

Among the agency's services are:

  • Granting rights for goods with popular brands (characters from cartoons, games, films, etc);
  • Promo-campaigns with the use of licensed brands;
  • Celebrity participation in the promotion;
  • Advertising on social networks accounts of celebrities;
  • Production of goods with the name or image of a famous person.

The agency provides monetization of brands and their popularity to the rights owners and celebrities.


Unimage is a producer group focused on developing kids' content. The core activity of the company is production, distribution, promotion, and licensing.

Unimage company produces children's content in a form of animated series, films, and games. Unimage interacts with children and provides nourishment for their inquisitive minds.

At Unimage, it’s a strong-held conviction that curiosity affects the development of intelligence, personality, and professional skills. Their motto is – Stay curious!


Mini Town is an animated series for children age 2-6 years old. The story unfolds in a picturesque city, a home to colorful and fluffy bears. The little viewer becomes an observer of the everyday life of a wonderful little town.