Love in Chains returns!

• 27.11.2020

Filming of a new season started for the series which has conquered the world

STB channel and FILM.UA Group started filming the third season of Love in Chains, an epic period drama. The long-awaited premiere will take place on STB in 2021.

“STB has always stood out by launching projects that resonated with the public and became real happenings at the TV market. Today we lead not just in reality genres but also in series, which recently became a strategic direction for the TV channel. We are proud that our series projects have become favorites in Ukraine and far beyond, and in 2021 we plan to keep up the pace. The start of new season filming for Love in Chains, which is an international hit of ours, is a logical continuation of STB brand development and the TV channel’s series lineup. And we are ready to surprise our audience yet again and raise the bar even higher for the market of TV series content,” said Lyudmila Semchuk, managing director at STB channel.


In the sequel to the favorite series the audience will find out which trials the destiny has in stock for Katya Verbytska, whether Andriy Zhadan survived, and how the life of our familiar characters will turn out, among them Petro and Larysa Chervinsky, Natalya and Mykola Doroshenko, Nazar the blacksmith and Orysya, Pavlusya the cook, shrew Galya, cruel Yakov, and others. They will also see new and fascinating characters Love in Chains organized national casting for.

“The new season will be dramatic, emotional and with as many unexpected twists as possible. The audience is in for love stories, investigations, social fall, and the search for an answer to the question, ‘Who am I?’ Women will prove nobody has the right to forbid them to be happy; they will passionately fight for their choice despite the pressure from family and society. I’ll reveal some secrets of the new season and recommend watching closely the couple from Kyiv high society, Yevhen and Rognida Bezusiv (they will play an important role in Katya’s life) and also the charismatic Kyiv businessman Karl Malyovany who will try to win the heart of invincible Pavlusya,” says Tala Prystayetska, series showrunner.

While commenting on the main question of Love in Chains fans who wonder whether Zhadan has survived, Tala Prystayetska notes there are going to be enough charismatic men in the third season to fall in love with. And one of them will be played by a true star of Ukrainian cinema Sergiy Strelnikov. Besides, Katya’s story will have another character added, played by Viktor Zhdanov famous for his role in Spiymaty Kaydasha (Catching Kaydash) TV series.

The filming of Love in Chains third season will last until spring and traditionally take place in the most beautiful historical spots of Ukraine: Mariinsky palace, Vydubychi and St Michael’s monasteries, St Sophia’s Cathedral, Kachanivka mansion, International Center for Culture and Arts, etc.

“The success of Love in Chains first season puts up a challenging production task in front of us: we must not disappoint our most demanding viewers. We are working to surprise the project’s aficionados yet again. It is hard to keep the bar that high, and even harder to respect historical truth in a fictional story. For open-air filming we chose the most beautiful locations that survived until this day and match the project spirit in all aspects. And in FILM.UA pavilions, the crew is already building the sets picturing interiors of the second half of the 19th century and fully conveying the ambience and lifestyle of that age: mansions, balls, cities, pubs and shops,” says Andriy Rizvanyuk, executive producer at FILM.UA Group and Love in Chains project.

The third season of Love in Chains will have the following cast: Stanislav Boklan, Natalka Denysenko, Anna Sahaydachna, Mark Drobot, Taras Tsymbaluk, Olesya Zhurakivska, Viktor Zhdanov, Maksym Radugin, Sergiy Strelnikov, Sofia Priss, Fedir Lavrov, Alina Kovalenko, and others.

Director: Felix Gerchikov

Screenwriters: Olga Krzhechevska, Tala Prystayetska, Olena Kosenko, Alisa Lindeman

DOP: Sergiy Revutsky

Creative producer: Tala Prystayetska

Executive producers: Natalya Nikiforova, Andriy Ryzvanyuk

General producers: Viktor Mirsky, Lyudmila Semchuk

Just a reminder: after the grandiose success on air of STB channel Love in Chains keeps conquering the international market. In July 2019, the series had incredible success on TVP1 (Poland). The Polish audience discussed the project along with The Game of Thrones and is now expecting a sequel. Then the series was seen in Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. The broadcasting rights were sold to Japan (A.K Company), the Czech Republic (Prima TV), Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria (BNT), Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Latin American and Balkan countries. This summer the series has been sold to Spain, and it became the first Ukrainian multi-episode drama acquired by a Spanish TV channel; the premiere took place on Divinity. And the viewers in North America can now watch Love in Chains on Amazon Prime.