Jointly with FILM.UA Entertainment, RGC creates real television: RGC platform uniting all Ukraine

• 19.11.2020

The preparation for festive TV marathon took three months.

A huge team worked on the project: FILM.UA Group, technical support, screenwriters, directors, cameramen, and a lot of RGC employees all over Ukraine.  

“The pandemic made us appreciate again the significance of such routine things as safety and human communication. For all 38 thousand employees to safely celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary, we used new technologies enabling us to communicate and hear each other remotely,” said Oleg Nikonorov, director at RGC

For a wide-scale online event, lots of creative sketches were prepared by the client’s regional offices. These videos were published on an online platform (created specially for the event) where every guest could choose one of the entertainment programs broadcast simultaneously.  

In four hours of live broadcast, the organizers managed to do a huge roll call, a real TV bridge between regional offices, to present new RGC logo, to show an outstanding Freedom Jazz concert, and RGC director Oleg Nikonorov spoke about 10-year plans for company development.  

“Three months ago we met RGC and received an unusual and fascinating brief for a grandiose online event. It is with huge enthusiasm that we got down to work as this is really a unique case for our country. The key value of RGC is people, so our task was to create a real festive TV marathon for the company employees and partners all over the world, almost forty thousand people,” said Yulia Sabadash, head of FILM.UA Entertainment

FILM.UA Entertainment noted that online event of such scale in Ukraine was held for the first time. And its success was possible thanks to the engagement of client’s team and professional expertise of FILM.UA Entertainment employees as well as filming and technical crews working on this project.

“We took up the implementation of a unique and technological format of the festive event because innovations and readiness to experiment are strengths of both project participants, RGC and FILM.UA Entertainment. Thanks to the collaboration with such a professional and reliable partner, in four hours of live broadcast we managed to unite all our regions and thousands of people to tell the real story of beautiful transformation of gas industry,” said Halyna Panchenko, head of communications at RGC