The Guardians of Dreams Mini: Ukrainian Film School and Stage Show Company launch show-making course for teenagers and kids

• 05.11.2020

Ukrainian Film School and Stage Show Company launch a unique educational project for kids and teens dreaming to get to the big stage, learn how to create large-scale shows, and modern video content. 

The ‘final exam’ is staging and participating in the fantasy show The Guardians of Dreams Mini. During the course, young talents will join a team of established show-makers and have a go at the same stage with Ukrainian stars. Students will be taught by well-known specialists and star speakers of the course, for example, by the choreography director Kostyantyn Tomilchenko. And the people's artists of Ukraine — the prima ballerina of the National Opera of Ukraine Kateryna Kukhar and the premier of the theater Alexander Stoyanov, will give a master class.

"Show-Making for Teenagers" is a new format of teaching creative professions to 10-16 y.o. kids. This hands-on approach was developed by the staff of Ukrainian Film School and Stage Show Company; the latter has been creating large-scale stage shows in Ukraine for over five years. The full immersion into the acting and show-making professions is the key principle of the project.

The training process is designed so that the students would learn by doing, and by participating in the production efforts. From the very first lessons, the students will be involved in different phases of the show preparation and may try different professions: artistic and technical ones. This may help to reveal various talents and discover tricks of working with modern video formats and show production.

The Show-Making for Teenagers includes three types of classes:

  • Conventional classes of acting, choreography, and speaking techniques;
  • Involvement in the creation of video materials for the final show following all the rules of film production.
  • Show classes, where students will work on staging and hold rehearsals.

The Show-Making for Teenagers course takes 160 hours. The classes will be three times a week, and the rehearsal schedule will be more intense before the premiere. The students will have classes at rehearsal halls and on the big stage of VDNG Concert Hall.

"We are looking for kids who want to become artists, make a try at the big stage, and learn the technical process of show and video content creating. Our teachers, experienced in working with kids and teenagers, can steer the irrepressible teenage energy into the creative direction and help to achieve the ambitions of the students. We've been working with young talents since the establishment of the school, and we know how to open up the potential of kids who love dancing, singing, or making videos," says Alyona Timoshenko, Head of Ukrainian Film School.

Teachers and celebrity-curators of the Show-Making for Teenagers will teach the students to work as a team, to master emotions, and not to be afraid of public speaking in a friendly environment.
By the end of the course, the students will learn secrets of preparing a modern stage performance. The course will result in the staging of an adapted fantasy show The Guardians of Dreams Mini, based on the favorite Christmas fairy tale. The students will have an occasion to invite their family and friends to their first major premiere at the VDNG Concert Hall. 1 000 visitors will see the grand show.

“We will help young and talented artists to believe that nothing is impossible. Our future students with their families might have just watched a large-scale Ukrainian 3D show from the auditorium. And in a few months of training they will transform into their favorite characters and get to the big stage of the VDNG Concert Hall to bring new emotions to the audience,” says Natalia Honchar, Stage Show Company CEO.

To be admitted, one will have to fill in an application form and have interviews. The number of participants is limited: only 30 students per course. The first interview took place on 24 October, the enrollment goes on. The classes are to begin in November. The duration of the course is 4 months. The course is on a fee-paying basis, the fee depends on the date of application. For details please visit the project page of Show-Making for Teenagers.