Healthy is the new black! New season starting at 36.6 TV channel

• 04.11.2020

In the opinion of Hippocrates, a philosopher from Ancient Greece, we are what we eat. In the opinion of 36.6, we are also the product of our thoughts and actions.

36.6 is an edutainment TV channel about healthy lifestyle and positive thinking. It offers content about healthy eating, physical exercise, medicine, and psychology.  

For the new season of autumn-winter 2020 the TV channel has prepared a range of projects to take care of your physical, psychological and spiritual well-being, to add some energy and inspiration for new achievements.

Choose Yourself is a September premiere useful for every viewer without exception. People should understand their own emotions as it is only through this that one can achieve harmony in life. How do you take yourself as it is? How do you learn to love yourself unconditionally? How to get rid of jealousy or overcome indecisiveness? Look for answers to these questions on air of 36.6, every Wednesday at 5:45 PM.  

Ulya and Yulia are two friends cooking healthy food in a relaxed atmosphere and sharing their life experience and shortcuts for travel, social networks and apps, psychology and other useful stuff. The premiere is scheduled for November! And now, on weekends at 8:30 PM, join enlightening conversations with experts from various fields in Useful Kitchen. E.g., a lawyer will talk about consumer rights in eateries, and an astrologist, about menu according to your horoscope. Don’t change the channel!  

Real Sex (season 2) is everything you ever wanted to know and even more! Yulia Gayvoronska receives people with sexual issues and solves those. She knows exactly what, where and why, rejecting any taboos if every participant enjoys the process. Sex education has never been so fascinating and accessible.  

In October, Alternative Medicine project started telling about unique treatments and prevention for various diseases – acupuncture, bee stings, fasting and other extreme or just unusual methods. It’s going to be fun!  

Very soon, in Documentary we’ll start a cycle of talks about health, beauty and medicine. You will find out about hidden harm and good of foods, contemporary beauty procedures, diseases and their treatment. Every issue will provide new answers to the questions how to live longer and stay young.

Every Wednesday at 3 PM in Dr Silina. Everything About You a well-known gynecologist and endocrinologist Natalia Silina will talk to the best experts (infectionists, nutritionists, andrologists, plastic surgeons) to ask them all uncomfortable questions that made you shy. Their experience and stories will help you take care of yourself the best way possible.  

And never doubt it, Yulia Can! She can cope with the most extraordinary tasks. Charismatic and brave, she continues trying new activities. Maybe you’ll find a new hobby for yourself thanks to Yulia. 

And finally, the favorites of 36.6TV are there to stay. Under and Over 36 is a program by TV channel general producer Natalka Yakymovych. The show host invites experts on healthy lifestyle, trainers, dietologists and psychologists who have a thing or two to say about long and happy life. All bloggers of our TV channel have already been there. What will the new season bring – this is for you to find out every Wednesday at 4:35 PM.

Stay healthy and stay with 36.6!