Taste the world in the new season of CousCous TV channel

• 04.11.2020

Mexican, Asian or Scandinavian? Transcarpathian, Italian, French, or maybe Israeli? Which cuisine do you prefer?

Which dishes would you serve on a festive table? Even if now these questions are somewhat flabbergasting, very soon you’ll be quick to answer. 

Cous Cous is a specialized edutainment TV channel from FILM.UA Group showcasing the diversity of culinary vectors and teaching the culture of cooking and consuming food, which now announces the new season. Together with Cous Cous you won’t only find out fun facts and study world cuisines but also master the peculiarities of making different dishes: from useful and simple ones requiring not more than 15 minutes of your time to culinary masterpieces from world-renowned chefs!

In the new autumn-winter season you are in not just for the sequels of favorite shows but also premieres.

Among the novelties there are Chili Om Nom and Sea Om Nom where Tanya Om will first make your receptors get up and dance Mexican so that nothing would stop your love for this cuisine anymore and then will teleport you to a sunny sea shore where salty breeze and whispering waves will say, “Mussels, conches, oysters and fish are not just delicious and healthy but also easy.”  

Oh, Salad! – this sounds clear and simple. Just like Toma and the Cake. Everything you need to know about new cycles is that when Oleksandr Zerov (Oh, Salad!) or Tamara Piyar (Toma and the Cake) get down to business, this becomes incredibly tasty. Oh, we’re so jealous you have so much ahead!  

Andriy Pavlenko will keep studying Asia from A to Z. You’re in for countless discoveries, this much we can tell you! And in the new season we’ll also try some Scandinavia.  

What about Patty-Cake? Masha Serdyuk makes them from everything she gets her hands on; if you don’t believe it, just watch! Masha has a theory that the whole world is a patty-cake. We’ll make them from vegetables, cheese, cereals, meat and fish! What about sweet ones? Easy-peasy! And everything that hasn't made it to Patty Cake you'll surely find in Not a Patty-Cake. Masha is convinced that all ingenuous things are simple. Surprise yourself and your family with delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners – without long hours spent at the stove!

This season will be no exception for new recipes from Yevhen Klopotenko. It is delicious to even listen to him speaking about food! Look for new episodes of Klopotenko cooking show on Cous Cous.  

TranscarpathianDishesand CookingGemsofEuropewill be available to you this autumn. And Real Italy with Riccardo will allow you not just a peek behind the scenes of Italian restaurants and bistros in the beautiful Prague but also a feel of local everyday life.   

Finally, how can we do without French cuisine? There will be enough of it: M.I.A.M. Recipes will teach you to eat healthy, 100% French Cuisine goes for quick recipes, and So Sweet will help you with sophisticated French desserts.  

Travels over France and Israel with a well-known Paris restaurateur Cyril Lignac are also worthy of your attention. The chef will discover the diversity of territories and tastes in these extraordinary countries in Chef en France and Chef еn Israel. Captivating adventures, incredible views, authentic recipes – all this you will see this autumn on Cous Cous!  

Don’t eat alone. Eat with Cous Cous!