On choice, deceit and real love: Tell Me the Truth series filming started

• 29.10.2020

FILM.UA Group and Ukraina TV channel broke the plate, starting the filming of new four-episode melodrama Tell Me The Truth

The plot is centered around Anastasia, a regular housewife. Her well-to-do world she has constructed with such love is now threatened: her husband Igor is arrested, and her small daughter is diagnosed with a serious disease. Anastasia does not give up and does everything to help her family. However, she suddenly finds out about Igor’s adultery, and this hits her hard. How will our protagonist act: forgive her husband or start her life from scratch?  

On the first filming day the crew went to Puscha Voditsa; the initial shots were filmed at a picturesque autumn pond. Director Roman Tkachenko congratulated the team on the start of filming, wished everyone success and broke the plate.  

This is how Roman described the new melodrama:

“Our film is about love and its consequences. This feeling can bring good things, make people better and stronger. But love can also be destructive. The protagonist looks like a regular housewife at first. But when she finds herself in a twist, we see that she is strong. She’ll have to face up to lots of challenges, deceit, disappointment and unpleasant surprises. The audience will be curious to see what Anastasia decides to to…”   

The protagonist is played by a well-known actress Anastasia Tsymbalaru. She confessed she really likes her character, a deep and strong woman who will have to fight for her values and even life. And it is not a given that the tender and beautiful protagonist will be able to stand up against all odds.  

“My Anastasia has lost herself in a family, providing comfort to them and forgetting all about herself. When her life suddenly comes crashing down she is faced with a choice: to live the way she used to, play pretend happiness – or to change everything. But where will she find a job if she was a housewife? How to take up responsibility if she doesn’t know how it works? However, her daughter Nika becomes a powerful impetus for decisive action,” the actress believes.

The film will also feature beautiful music and vocals, on top of a strong cast like Artem Poznyak, Dmitry Saranskov, Kirill Kuznetsov, and others.

The filming will be held in interesting locations in Kyiv and the region, and the premiere of four-episode melodrama will take place on Ukraina TV channel.

We congratulate the team on the start of filming and wish them successful shifts!  

About the project

Nastya Valevskaya, a housewife, has misfortunes suddenly tumbling down on her. Her husband, businessman Igor, is arrested. Her daughter Nika suffers a severe asthma attack. Nastya runs between the hospital and the detention center. With enormous effort she manages to save Igor from prison. However, her joy does not last long: Nastya finds out that her husband has been cheating on her for a while. Taking her daughter with her, she leaves Igor and tries to start everything from scratch. A man appears in Nastya’s life; when she was very young, they dated for a short while. Alexander is handsome, rich and still crazy about Nastya. However, he is not the one he pretends to be…

Director: Roman Tkachenko

Dop: Dmitry Yurikov

Producers: Viktoria Korogod, Natalya Strybuk, Viktor Mirsky, Iryna Chernyak, Elena Malkova, Kirill Gorobets, Tatyana Nosenko

Cast: Anastasia Tsymbalaru, Artem Poznyak, Kirill Kuznetsov, Dmitry Saranskov, Viktoria Karpinskaya, Karina Mushta, Elizar Nazarenko, and others.