Cut! The first episode of the podcast from FILM.UA Group and MBR is out!

• 28.10.2020

Starting with October 28th tune in to hear the real stories of Creative Producers about the industry of audiovisual content production

Cut! is a podcast created by FILM.UA Group together with Media Business Reports. The hosts of the project – FILM.UA’s Creative Producers Olesya Lukyanenko (There Will Be People, Hide and Seek, Step Dan) Anastasia Lodkina (Koza Nostra, Can You Dream Of More), and editor – Anastasia Rakhmanina (Chief Editor at MBR).

The main idea of the podcast – to have a conversation with people in the audiovisual content production, to tell how this industry really works, to share experience, to raise important problems, and to look for the solution together. The hosts and their guests are going to be discussing interesting cases and true stories of success and failure. The teaser for the podcast is available through this link.

Postmodern Postproduction and Tak Treba Production are taking care of the sound work in this project.

It is said that comedy is based on truth and pain. Our podcast is about truth and pain too, plus self-aware irony and laughter. Moreover, we’ll have cases, true tales, trauma, and triumph!” – Anastasia Lodkina explains.

We think our industry lacks a bit of dialogue. Our big goal is to create more and better, both – to improve ourselves and to help our listeners”, – notesOlesya Lukyanenko.

The first episode of the podcast is out today – the 28th of October! Its topic – “Who is a Creative Producer exactly: an imposter, overseer, or co-author?”. In it, the hosts will figure out what Creative Producers actually do. How did such a position first appear in our industry? Why is it there in the series’ production and is virtually absent in feature films? Get the full podcast through this link!

New episodes will appear every Wednesday on the MBR website, as well as on Apple Podcasts, Castbox, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Besides, the authors of the project have created a Telegram channel with a chat, where the listeners can comment and discuss the latest episodes or ask questions.



FILM.UA Group – Ukraine’s biggest media group involved in the production and distribution of audiovisual content and providing a full array of services in this field.

Under a single management structure, it unites companies and brands that are leading creative industries in Ukraine and compete successfully on the global market.

MBR (Media Business Reports) ‒ An informational and analytical periodical about the media business and audiovisual industry. It constantly monitors the film and TV market in Europe and around the world while paying special strategic attention to Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and the post-soviet region. The strategic goal of MBR is to advance the forming of the single informational space to fit the Ukrainian media industry into a global context and to assist the advancement of the Ukrainian media ecosystem with the intent to develop a better market for audiovisual