Crazy Wedding 3 completed!

• 15.10.2020

Ten unexpected facts about the sequel to celeb comedy

Crazy filming lasted for two months in Kyiv and the suburbs. During this period, 30 hours of materials were filmed, as well as countless shots from the drone out of which only 90 minutes will make it to the cinema screens! The authors will select only the most fascinating and captivating moments for their future audience.  

“We’d never want the film to transform into pointless self-repetition as it happens to popular franchises. The world of Crazy Wedding is vivid and dynamic, its characters are real so very often they dictate the plot twists. And the task of our talented screenwriters is to feel it, capture it and bring it to the audience. So that’s right, you’re in for lots of surprises! We’ll reveal some of them now but you’ll see the main ones in the cinemas!” said Yuriy Gorbunov, “crazy” producer of the film and actor playing Yabluniv MC Nazariy Zapukhlyak.


One of the perks of crazy trilogy is celeb faces. This time the explosive cast has been enriched by popular Ukrainian female artists: mother superior of Hrushiv convent visiting father Yevlampiy’s parish will be played by former vocalist of VIA Gra band, the incomparable Nadia Meykher. The superfinalist of The Voice eighth season and an actress from School series Anna Trincher along with stand-up comedian Valeriya Tovstoles have also played in the comedy.


Another tradition of Crazy Weddingfranchise is explosive soundtracks passing from cinema screens to celebrations and family gatherings of Ukrainians. The work on a new superhit is ongoing in the music lab with Potap as the composer, lyrics author and sound producer and Oleg Vynnyk as the co-performer. You’ll find out later who he will be singing with!

By the way, Oleg’s involvement in the third part of the comedy has become much greater in comparison with the previous films.   


The filming took place against the background of COVID-19 pandemic. This caused lots of challenges on the set due to which the filming process lasted for two months instead of one as it was planned since the very beginning.  


Aram Arzumanyanplaying rambunctious Ashot managed to combine his filming in Crazy Wedding 3 with a great number of rehearsals to Dancing with the Stars. Aram performed his first dance, a dynamic fusion, to Naykraschchyi Den’ (The Best Day) by Potapand Oleg Vynnyk. The song is an official soundtrack to Crazy Wedding.



Apart from Aram, other celebs of #BestComedyoftheYear also star in the Dancing with Stars. In particular, they are Nadia Meykher, Oleg Vynnyk and Pozitiv who plays choirboy Kindrat in the film and is responsible for the comedy soundtrack together with Potap.

Yuriy Gorbunov, “crazy” producer of the film and actor playing the role of Yabluniv MC Nazariy Zapukhlyak is an unchanging host of Dancing with Stars. And Nazar Zadniprovsky and Jimmy Voha-Voha who played Vasyl Seredyuk and Francois in the comedy appeared in a small intro before Aram’s performance. In this video they hypothesize about the fourth part of Crazy Wedding.



Social Life, Life of Famous People, TSNnews program on 1+1, Cinema Peopleon Channel 4, interview on Oboz TV – Jimmy Voha-Vohagradually conquers Ukrainian media space! Meanwhile his Ukrainian is only getting better. Jimmy, maybe it’s time to become a Ukrainian citizen not just onscreen?



In all three parts of the comedy a significant role in the development of film events is played by the youngest of Seredyuk clan, Zakhar. In the third film, Zakhar will become a central character; however, Svyatoslav Zhmurko cast for his role in the previous parts won’t appear in Crazy Wedding 3. A paradox? Not at all! Four year have passed since the events of the second film, Zakhar has grown up, so that’s why another actor plays him in the third part. Seredyuk Jr. will be portrayed by Vyacheslav Khostikoyev, son of Ukrainian theatre state celebs Anatoliy Khostikoyev and Natalia Sumska.

Besides, on the eve of comedy filming director ordered Vyacheslav Khostikoyev not to lose weight because several excess kilos make the protagonist more like his character from previous parts.


In the third part of the film, we are in for a big Roma wedding! The role of Seredyuk Jr’s bride was played by a big screen debutante, young Kateryna Fine. The girl’s relatives were played by actors of Romance, a Roma theatre. So the role of bride’s father, the Roma baron, was performed by the theater’s leader, people’s artist of Ukraine Igor Krykunov. A popular singer of Roma origin, merited artist of Ukraine Petro Chornyi has also played in the film. Besides, they became the project’s consultants to preserve the authenticity of all Roma traditions and rituals. The wedding dress was created by costume designer Anna Obraztsova in close consultation with Igor Krykunov. Plus the audience will see a real Roma cart!


According to the initial idea of authors who created “the world of Seredyuk family”, all three of Vasyl’s children got their names in honor of characters from prominent Ukrainian literary works: the protagonist of the first part Katrusya in honor of “Kateryna” by Taras Shevchenko; the bride from sequel Natalka to commemorate “Natalka Poltavka” by Ivan Kotlyarevsky; and the youngest Zakhar in honor of “Zakhar Berkut” by Ivan Franko.   

Plus one symbolic coincidence and dedication to Ukrainian literature on the set of Crazy Wedding 3:  the peak of the film, the wedding of main characters, took place in the same field where The Rising Hawkwas filmed previously. Even some parts of legendary set remained there. This is how the authors connected the dots in the novel Ukrainian cinema history.  


More fun facts, backstage and cool humor available… on TikTok page of the film! Jimmy Voha-Voha in a traditional embroidered shirt, Aram’s preparation to the new broadcast of Dancing with Stars, wedding dress of the new bride and explosive dances from Lesya Samayeva and Inna Prykhodko – go to

The world of Crazy Wedding 3, just like that of the first two parts, will grow thanks to the efforts of  FILM.UA Group and Prototype Production, with Yuriy Gorbunov, Iryna Kostyuk, Nadia Korotushka, co-founders of  MOZGI Entertainment Iryna Gorova and Oleksiy Potapenko (Potap) as traditional co-producers; and Potap and Pozitiv reunited yet again as sound producers. Crazy Wedding 3 film be distributed on the territory of Ukraine by Kinomania and FILM.UA Distribution which is also responsible for international sales.   

The film release is planned for 2021.

Just a reminder: the first two parts of the film enjoyed huge success, paid off in the distribution and became profitable. Crazy Wedding remained the first ever Ukrainian film the producers of which returned the money allocated by Ukrainian State Film Agency with interest. The second part of the comedy also returned all the money provided as state support.

Crazy Wedding set two national records: box office among all Ukrainian films and record-breaking number of viewers for a Ukrainian-produced film. Besides, the comedy beat the record of the previous decade and became the most popular film on television since 2009 by all main audiences.

The premiere TV screening of CrazyWedding 2 did not just become the most popular program on 1+1 TV channel in 2020 but also headed the ranking of all feature films on Ukrainian television in 2020.  

Both films won at the 10th and 11th pitchings of Ukrainian State Film Agency.  

Besides, CrazyWeddingbecame the first Ukrainian film the format of which was exported abroad: on January 31 in Lithuania the adaptation of Ukrainian comedy was released under the title GroomImportedand collected a whopping 820,000 USD of box office. The rights to film concept were also acquired by Romania, and negotiations with other countries are in process; some of arrangements are already in the agreement-signing stage. Now the film is presented in FILM.UA Distribution catalog; this company is the international distributor of FILM.UA Group projects. The film was also released in Portugal, Poland, the Czech Republic, Canada, and the USA.

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Crazy Wedding 3

Country: Ukraine

Premiere: 2021

Studio: FILM.UA GROUP, Prototype Production

Distributors: Kinomania and FILM.UA Distribution

Type: theatrical film

Timing: 90 mins

Genre: comedy

Director: Lyubomyr Levytsky

Producers: Yuriy Gorbunov, Iryna Kostyuk, Nadia Korotushka, MOZGI Entertainment (Iryna Gorova, Oleksiy Potapenko)

Musicproducers: Oleksiy Potapenko, Oleksiy Zavgorodniy

Screenwriters: Mykola Kutsyk, Oleksiy Prykhodko

Cast: Kateryna Fine, Vyacheslav Khostikoyev, Nazar Zadniprovsky, Lesya Samayeva, Polina Vasylyna, Jimmy Voha-Voha, Yuriy Gorbunov, Rymma Shapovalova, Oleksandr Kobzar, Vira Kobzar, Inna Prykhodko, Aram Arzumanyan, Potap, Oleksiy Zavgorodniy (Pozitiv), MONATIK, Ihor Krykunov, Petro Chorniy, Oleksiy Suprun (Petro Bumper), Oleg Vynnyk, and others.

Synopsis: Four years have passed since the latest Crazy wedding, and the youngest from Seredyuk family, Zakhar, is now planning to tie the knot. Traditionally for Vasyl’s children, to start a family he chose an exotic match – gypsy baron’s daughter, beautiful Rada. Though his father has sworn not to spoil the wedding this time and does like his future daughter-in-law, a regular celebration would go against Seredyuk tradition. We’re in for a Crazy wedding yet again!