Ukrainian Film School and monobank Collaboration: Film Education Gets More Affordable

• 08.10.2020

The first Ukrainian Film School (FILM.UA Group) and Ukraine’s first mobile bank monobank have become partners. Progressive actors of the education and banking industry pooled together to introduce a shared idea.  Thanks to this collaboration, a prospective film school student can pay for any course in instalments: there is no need to pay the entire bill at once. Anyone dreaming of growing in the film industry can simply get enrolled at the school, without saving for the required tuition fee. This is the offer for monobank customers only.

The Instalment Plan service is valid for all UFS courses: basic ones, for kids, short intensives, workshops and master classes. The customer may choose from 3 to 6 instalments being from 2 to 5 months of payment term.

To get this service a student has to be a monobank customer. One needs to complete an application and select the payment option on the school’s website, the prospective student has to have a bank card credit limit available no less than the tuition fee.

After the order is made the film school manager contacts the customer, confirms the application, the customer signs the agreement and completes the instalment plan procedure at the film school office. It takes a few minutes to handle that. One may get an instalment plan for the short courses in-home. But for the basic course you will need to pass a successful interview.

 “There are students who learned about our school last year and managed to save up. And there are those who discovered us recently, got excited and really want to study but they can’t afford to pay for the whole semester right away. So, we decided to introduce an instalment option, thus, a student could be at ease. We are a progressive school and that is why we chose the most progressive bank,” comments Aliona Tymoshenko, Ukrainian Film School Head.

If a prospective student is not a monobank customer but would like to benefit from the service, they shall fill out an application and get the bank card.

“Thanks to our service, the film school students get a chance to pay tuition fees monthly – they don't need to save up to make a single payment. Thus, they do not have to restrict themselves, and this is very important in a student life,” comments Oleksii Syrotkin, project manager, monobank.

The new academic year admission is still under its way, meaning that the instalment option may be useful to future students right now.

Ukrainian Film School gives an opportunity to make one’s dream come true and get a film industry profession.  The film school offers courses in acting, directing, screen-writing and production as well as Short courses, workshops and master classes.  There are dedicated training courses and summer camps for kids. The UFS official website gives more information about training at this school.