The Battle For The Carpathians: The Rising Hawk Historical Action Film Premieres in the USA and Canada!

• 01.10.2020

Starting from October the 2nd, the audience from the USA and Canada can enjoy the film on digital platforms.

The Rising Hawk historical action film is going to be released in the USA and Canada on VOD services (particularly on iTunes, GooglePlay, Vudu та Amazon) and in Virtual Cinemas.

Distributed by Shout! Studios, the film had got an expanded title: The Rising Hawk: Battle For The Carpathians. To mark the release, the distributor had presented a new international trailer for the project, available through this link

John Wynn, American co-director of the film, comments: “It’s an incredible opportunity to bring two different film cultures together to tell such an epic tale of family and heroism in the international market. I’m excited to share the film with the rest of the world, and we hope it connects with audiences in the United States and Canada, as it continues to in Ukraine.”

The preorders for the historical action are open on iTunes and Amazon ahead of an official release. Distributors say that the orders on the presale stage are plentiful. The Rising Hawk already enjoys a welcome reception from film critics, who tend to note an epic scale of filming and an extraordinary story.

It’s an important step for us, and I hope the American viewer is going to regard a modern film adaptation of a Ukrainian classic novel by Ivan Franko highly. Because values captured in it – a fight for freedom, loved ones, and homeland – are universal, true, and recognized in every corner of the world. I want to thank, once again, everyone who took part in creating this incredible film!” – comments a producer of the film Egor Olesov.

A premiere in the USA and Canada is a very significant event for a Ukrainian film, as they are not an often guest on a North American market. We are proud that finally, a year after the Ukrainian premiere, we can show the film in these counties,” says Igor Storchak, CEO FILM.UA Distribution.

Let’s remind that the historical action The Rising Hawk had entered the Ukrainian box office last autumn and raised 1 438 878,39 $ there. Also, the film was released in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) distributed by Volga. The rights in the film were acquired in Germany and germanophone Europe (Capelight Pictures), Turkey (Esen Elektronik), Spain (Flins & Piniculas), Great Britain and Ireland (Signature), Australia and New Zealand (Eagle). Also, FILM.UA Distribution made a deal on the rights in the film with an Italian company Eagle Pictures Spa.


Slogan: Freedom is my nature

Synopsis: During the 13th Century, Zakhar Berkut and his wife Rada lead a group of high-landers in Carpathian Mountains. Unfortunately, their tranquil existence is soon threatened by Burunda Khan, a powerful Mongolian general who leads his massive armies west in search of new lands to conquer.

Forced to protect their village, Zakhar and Rada send their sons, Ivan and Maksim, to ask for help from Tugar Volk, a wealthy boyar who has recently arrived from King. After his strong-willed daughter Myroslava and Maksim survive a dangerous encounter together, Tugar Volk pledges to defend the villagers against the Mongols. But when a mutual attraction sparks between Myroslava and Maksim, Tugar Volk forbids them from continuing their relationship. Meanwhile, Burunda Khan faces questions from his warriors about his motivation and military strategy for the impending invasion.

As war breaks out, both sides suffer devastating casualties. Redoubling his efforts, Burunda Khan unleashes the full fury of his forces. Faced with certain doom, Maksim and Myroslava must choose to flee or make the ultimate sacrifice to save their people.


Director: Akhtem Seitablayev

Co-director: John Wynn

DOP: Yuriy Korol

Producers: Egor Olesov, Yuriy Karnovsky, Jeff Rice, Rajah Collins

Screenwriters: Yaroslav Voytseshek and Richard Ronat, working from Ivan Franko’s novella Zakhar Berkut

Artistic director: Vlad Odudenko

Costume designer: Antonina Belinska

Makeup artist: Alla Leonova

Ukrainian casting director: Olga Klimenko



Cast: Alex MacNicoll, Robert Patrick, Poppy Drayton, Tommy Flanagan, Andriy Isayenko, Tsegmid Tserenbold, Oleg Voloschenko, Rocky Myers, Alina Kovalenko, Yerzhan Nurymbet, Viktor Zhdanov, Alison Doody, Ayan Utepbergen,Oleg Stefan, Oliver Trevena, Dualet Abdygaparov, Maryna Koshkina, Nurken Tumatayev, Stanislav Lozovsky Marat Abdulayev, Viktoria Kleshenko-Pylypchuk, Daniyar Akhmetov, Mykhaylo Korzhenivsky, Andriy Storozhyk, Yuriy Yerko, Mykhaylo Chernyakov, Alina Dovbush, Yevgen Lebedyn, Mykola Eysmont, Yan Klipp, Oleg Nevolnyk, Oleksandr Laptiy, Artemiy Yegorov, Oleg Karpenko.

Genre: action, historical action

Ukrainian premiere: October 10, 2019

Distributor: FILM.UA Distribution and MMD.UA (in Ukraine)

Production: Kinorob, CinemaDay

With the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency

General media partner and broadcaster: Ukraina TV channel