I Don’t Want to Lose You series filming started

• 18.09.2020

FILM.UA Group and Ukraina TV channel started filming a new four-episode film I Don’t Want to Lose You.

On a sunny September day, a plate was broken for I Don’t Want to Lose You melodrama. Gulliver business center in Kyiv had a film crew visiting; it is here, in an elegant office, that the words “Lights! Action!” were pronounced.

Then, according to the tradition, film director Oksana Taranenko broke the plate, encouraging the team with warm well-wishing words. The director also talked about her new project:

“Our film is about fates of modern women and how stereotypes about their role change in the society. Sonya the protagonist will be juggling career and personal life, making mistakes, searching for her path in life and love. She will have lots of challenges but thanks to love she will overcome all of them. I’ll add that our story is warm and lyrical, with beautiful romantic scenes.”

On the first filming day we could see popular actors on the set: Dmitry Belyakin, Aleksey Yarovenko and Aleksandr Formanchuk, who were engaged in the first scenes.

We congratulate the project team on the start of filming period and wish them successful shifts!


About the film

Sonya has been in love with her classmate Andrey since childhood. However, he preferred another girl, beautiful Tanya. Seven years pass, and destiny brings Andrey and Sonya together again. Just as she dreamed in her youth, Sonya became an excellent surgeon, and Andrey is now a successful architect. However, both have never experienced true love. It seems that they only need to make one step towards each other, and first love will be rekindled. However, Tanya, now a wife of wealthy businessman, gets in their way again: she has decided to lure Andrey into a cruel and dangerous game…

Director: Oksana Taranenko

DOP: Sergey Sokolovsky

Screenwriters: Olga Brileva, Elena Zuyeva, Olga Solovyova

Producers: Viktoria Korogod, Natalya Stribuk, Viktor Mirsky, Irina Chernyak, Elena Malkova, Kirill Gorobets, Tatyana Nosenko.

Cast: Elizaveta Mayskaya, Dmitry Belyakin, Irina Tkachenko, Aleksey Yarovenko, Alisa Guryeva, Aleksandr Formanchuk, Aleksey Nagrudny, Sergey Korshikov, Pavel Tekuchev, and others.