There Will Be Humans: four teasers that cover the primary themes of the series are out

• 07.09.2020

The creators of the family saga in 12 episodes, based on the novel by Anatoly Dimarov, have presented short videos that introduce the main plot-twists and characters of the series.

The official pages of the series There Will Be Humans (produced by FILM.UA with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information policy of Ukraine) and the STB channel now feature four new teasers of the project.

The videos hint at the main plot-twists, the background of the characters, and their primary conflicts. Love, hate, betrayal, loyalty, conviction, cooperation, and personal choice; with the age of enormous changes, the beginning of the 20th century, as its backdrop – all of it is in the 12 episodes of the family saga. “Only one thing that can save you from Hate and Hopelessness – Love,” – the creators of the project summarize.

You can see all four teasers through this links:





As a reminder, the trailer for the series was released in late August and is available here. The official poster is out also.

Also, the creative team of the project has recently launched a flashmob #ібудутьлюди (#therewillbehumans). They ask other social media users to share family stories and photos of older relatives, to remind that the history of Ukraine consists of the history of all of our families. You can find all the pages in the flashmob with the #ібудутьлюди hashtag.

Get more information about the family saga There Will Be Humans on a dedicated promo-website:

The historical saga There Will Be Humans premieres on the 14th of September. It is going to air from Monday to Thursday at 20:15, on the STB channel.

Get all the news on the official pages of the project: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, FILM.UA Group.

And on all the official channel pages: STB channel, Facebook, Instagram, STB series.

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There Will Be Humans

Premiere in Ukraine: starting on the 14th of September from Monday to Thursday at 20:15

TV-channel: STB

Genre: family saga, historical drama

Type: series

Production: FILM.UA by order of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, STB TV Channel

Director: Arkady Nepytaliuk

Producers: Serhii Demydov, Viktor Myrskyi, Liudmyla Semchuk

Creative producer: Olesia Lukianenko

Executive producer: Valeria Tkachuk

Camera operator: Dmitry Yurikov

Scriptwriters: Tetiana Shchehelska, Taras Antypovych, based on the novel by A. Dimarov ‘There Will Be Humans’

Cast: Ostap Dziadek, Akmal Huriezov, Olena Borozenets, Kateryna Hryhorenko, Viktor Zhdanov, Kostiantyn Temliak, Oleksandr Piskunov, Oleksandr Mavryts, Makar Tykhomyrov, Anna Tambova, Vitalii Azhnov, Alina Kostiukova, Ihor Koltovskyi