Bleak days filled with love: filming of True friend series ended (FILM.UA and Ukraina TV channel)

• 11.08.2020

Director Irina Gromozda, actresses Elena Borozenets, Kateryna Tyshkevich and Galina Kobzar-Slobodyuk have shared their impressions from filming, told about the characters they played and their complicated destinies.

True friend is a melodrama telling a challenging story of love, friendship, mutual help and mercy. The life of Katya Smolina is terribly shaken: her husband Andrey dies in a car accident, and her best friend Inna who was in the same car with him is taken to an ICU.  Katya takes Inna’s daughter to her home. But soon enough she finds out that her husband and best friend were lovers…

Director Irina Gromozda (Believe Me, Step Dan, HIDE AND SEEK, etc.) told about the ambience during the filming:

“Those were unforgettable ‘bleak days’ filled with love, creativity, lightness and sadness because they passed by so quickly! The project gathered great actors and technical crew. That is why we have a fresh summer film, with lots of music, colors and light, as well as love and beauty.”  

The project’s film set united actors known and loved by the audience: Elena Borozenets (Dr Babydust 2, Step Dan, There Will Be People), Pyotr Rykov (HIDE AND SEEK, Dr Babydust 4). Katerina Tyshkevich (Nothing Happens Twice), Grigoriy Baklanov (Nothing Happens Twice, Line of Light), Galina Kobzar-Slobodyuk, and others.

The protagonist, Katya Smolina the music teacher, was played by Elena Borozenets. This is how she describes her character:   

“My Katya is a person with a kind and beautiful soul you won’t often come across. She is someone who gives more than receives which leads to grave consequences. I believe that she sacrifices herself too much… In the past, she had a chance to become a well-known pianist but she chose the man she loved and put her interests in the background. And now she has a new chance to change everything but Katya doesn’t think about herself again.”


The role of protagonist’s best friend Inna was played by Katerina Tyshkevich. She shared her own vision of her character’s nature:  

“I wouldn’t say that Inna is a femme fatale, she is mostly confused and infatuated. It has just so happened that the man she loves is her best friend’s husband and it is a big tragedy for her. She is not mean at all, it is just that circumstances have worked out like that."  

Galina Kobzar-Slobodyuk who played Tamara Mikhaylovna, Katya’s mother-in-law, has felt her character deeply:

Tamara Mikhaylovna is a very interesting character, she lives through a terrible drama. And a little girl Masha finds herself next to her. My character hasn’t managed to become a grandma, take care of a grandson or a granddaughter but she still feels the warmth of this girl.  At first Tamara Mikhaylovna pushes Masha away but gradually, little by little, step by step, my character warms to her.”

Galina has also confessed that the funeral scene was the hardest for her: “You shouldn’t get into such episode too deep, it is too hard, there should be moderation and a clear boundary dividing life and film.”  

How will the relationships among characters develop and what will they lead to? We’ll see that soon on our TV screens!


We congratulate the group on the completion of filming period!  


Director: Irina Gromozda

DOP: Dmitry Kiptily

Screenwriter: Maryana Bek

Producers: Viktor Mirsky, Viktoria Korogod, Natalya Strybuk, Irina Chernyak, Elena Malkova, Ekaterina Shvets.  

Cast: Elena Borozenets, Kateryna Tyshkevich, Pyotr Rykov, Grigoriy Baklanov, Vitaliy Kudryavtsev, Galina Kobzar-Slobodyuk, Diana Dikaya, Aleksey Nagrudny, and others.